One of Those Days

It’s 7 a.m. and it’s already one of those days.

Somewhere between the gate where I have to show my badge and the turnstile where I have to use it, I lost it.  So there I was, wandering the parking lot in the dark, about to be late, looking for a tiny piece of plastic in a sea of vehicles.  The wind was blowing.  It was cold.  And I had other things on my mind.  So I gave up.  I’ll have to go get a new one later this morning.

I have my kids this weekend for the first time in months.  Things have been a little rocky since the “Blog Debacle of 2013”, wherein I wrote a blog post detailing the things I found less than endearing about my kids.  For some reason, in my mind, I felt like I just needed to put those feelings down in writing.  It didn’t occur to me that my kids would read it…and get upset.  Nevertheless, they are coming this weekend, and they want to stay until Tuesday.  So I had to ask for next Monday off.  I am awaiting the reply.  I expect there will be some grumbling.

There is an art to crafting an email that strikes the right balance between “May I?”, and “I’m going to”.  At my old office I would have simply told my manager I needed the time and he’d have said, “Cool”.  That would have been it.  Alas, I no longer work with reasonable people.  So everything you do that deviates in any way from an 8 hour day and a 40 hour week requires all manner of discussion and the filing of forms, approvals, etc.

On top of all that it is now open enrollment for next year’s benefits.  My options are a shitty plan I hate or one that is more traditional in what it covers but costs twice as much.  Hmmm…Does anyone have a coin I can flip?

I suppose I could hope the day will get better.  But I’ve been around too long to cling to fairy tales.  This day will suck like the ones before it.  The only difference being I have no badge and I have an email request pending approval by a guy I expect will not approve it.  Outside of that…it’s Tuesday.  3 more days to go.


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