Inspired By Music

This is a response to the weekly writing challenge located here:

The post challenges us to write about music that inspires us, represents us or speaks to us in some way.  Unfortunately, I am a couple of weeks too late.  Nevertheless, this was an interesting exercise for me so I decided to go ahead and post this entry anyway.

I began running through a mental checklist almost immediately upon reading the challenge.  As I am sure is true for many other people, there are a lot of songs I could choose to talk about.  Songs about my kids, my love for my wife, patriotism, anger, despair…the list goes on.  At the top were the songs that paint the pictures we all like to believe are pictures of ourselves.  Bad Company by Bad Company.  Indestructible by Disturbed.  But then, in a manner almost curious enough to convince me of the existence of muses, a voice in my head recalled to my memory a song I have not heard in quite some time.

So, I spoke in to my smart phone, turned my truck radio to blue tooth audio, and this is what I heard:

I can sing this song.  I mean vocally, I am able to sing like this.  But I actually cannot sing this song because the second verse always chokes me up a bit.

I was having a brief discussion with another blogger (Teeny Bikini) about choices.  This song kind of fits in to that conversation as well.  So Teeny Bikini, I don’t know how old you are, or if you’ve ever heard of Pink Floyd or not, but this is an excellent song and it speaks to my life.

Everything, from the mournful sounds of the lead guitar to the tone of the lead singer’s voice, is perfect.  And when he says, “Ice is forming on the tips of my wings.  Unheeded warnings, I thought I thought of everything”, all I can do is nod my head.




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