Not The Politics Blog

This is not my politics blog.  I had intended not to write about politics here at all, as I only wanted to share thoughts and feelings I felt might be common to many if not all of us.  Politics is a divisive issue, so I was going to restrict those writings to my political blog “While We’re Free”.  This morning however, the events of yesterday are having a profound emotional and psychological affect on me.  So, it seemed appropriate to write about that here.

There will be a lot of posturing and talking point reciting going on over the next few days.  The Democrats implementation of “the nuclear option” will consume the news.  Talking heads and spinsters will come out of the woodwork to tell us what to think about it.  In this regard, in many ways we have simply slipped in to Orwell’s 1984 without knowing it.

The thing is, without regard to all the spin and hype, this is a huge deal!  I know many of my fellow citizens are too consumed with finding new people to play “the knockout game” with, or sizing up the local liquor store for a future robbery, to really grasp what’s happening.  But the truth is, America as we know it just ended.  In the simplest, most obscure manner possible, a rules change in the Senate will lead us down the path of ruin.

The simple truth is that the President and his allies in Congress recognize the fact that outrage over the roll-out and impact of Obamacare will result in them losing the Senate in the next midterm.  Thus, they have 12 months to do everything they can to push their agenda.  So what they have done now is change the rules so that the President can stack the courts full of activist liberal judges.  Thus the courts will protect and advance the liberal agenda for decades to come.  Long after we have managed to rid ourselves of this would be king, his legacy will impact our nation and our children.

All of the nonsense rulings from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals over the past 20 years will become commonplace all over the nation.  The will of the people voiced through referendum and votes at the ballot box will be overturned by activists legislating from the bench.  Kangaroo courts will find that every liberal program, no matter how far-reaching, negatively impacting, or harmful to the nation, will be ruled constitutional.  Ever expanding entitlements will be the least of our worries.

Assaults on the Bill of Rights will find new allies in a radical, liberal court system.  The position of the citizen will be diminished and the preeminence of the government set in stone.  Illegals will be granted amnesty, democrat elections will be permanent.  One party rule a new and disturbing reality.

I am not angry.  I am not here to call Democrats names, or call on my fellow citizens to rise up.  We are a nation of fat, lazy, selfish people.  Half of us cannot manage to rise up and go to work, much less protest.  No, I am not angry.  I am sad.  Though sad only begins to cover the tip of it.

Watching this battle play out over the last 30 years has been very much like watching video of your child dying in slow motion.  Stone by stone, brick by brick the Republic has been torn down in the name of tolerance, fairness, and political correctness.  The nation I see before me today is not the nation of my youth.  The nation my kids will inherit will be wholly unrecognizable.

If we are lucky, France is our future.  Double digit unemployment, cradle to grave government, and economy breaking, unsustainable social programs.

If we are not so lucky, it’s Venezuela we are headed for.  Tin pot dictators operating under the thin guise of “elected government”.  The people just a source of tax money and labor, always under the thumb, and the boot, of a government that no longer has to care what they think.

It’s a sad day.

End rant.


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