New Year’s Resolution

I hesitated to write this post, having just written one a few days back skewering people who make resolutions.  Statistically, most are abandoned.  In many cases, in just a few days.

I have made a couple changes recently.  Though not precisely in line with New Year’s Day.  And not so much in the form of a resolution.

I am 6’4.  At one point in the not so distant past I was up to 300 pounds.  I am currently 265. 

Some time ago my mother, who is diabetic, decided to test my blood sugar.  When the meter showed the level my mother looked at me and said, “If you don’t change something you are going to die”.  That was about 10 years ago….and I didn’t change anything.

I eat too much.  I eat the wrong things.  I drink a 12 pack of soda over the course of a single day sometimes, on the weekend.  I got to where I was using bigger cups and pouring the Cokes in 2 at a time.

That is to say, I did do those things.

About a week or so ago I woke up tired, feeling like crap (again), and hating life.  I talked to my wife for a minute and I told her what my mother had said a decade ago about changing the things I eat and drink.  And right then and there I made a decision.

I asked my wife to pick up a water filter.  She got the big Brita that sits in the fridge and has a tap.  I instructed her not to purchase any more soda for me, and to change the snacks from chips and cookies to yogurt, strawberries, apples, etc.

I have stuck with it thus far, and see no reason I will not continue to do so.

I like drinking water.  Carrots, strawberries and apples are tasty.  I have no need or desire to go back to junk food.

Now, to be clear, I am not a fool.  I understand that the majority of people fail in their “diets” because they try to go too hard, too fast.  So I have adopted (loosely) an 80-20 rule.  80% stuff that’s either good for me or at least not bad for me, and 20% whatever the hell I feel like.

So yeah, I bought a container with 8 white macadamia chip cookies in it.  But instead of scarfing those cookies down while watching t.v. in a half an hour, I at 2 a day for 4 days.

I took my wife out to Chili’s the other day and I had a soda with my dinner.  ONE soda.  I uh…also had 4 Blackberry Petron margaritas.  OMG!  Have you tried these things?

The point being, I am lowering my caloric intake, and most importantly my sugar intake.

I have a plan to start getting some exercise soon, I just haven’t figure out how yet.  I’m not sure I want to go to a gym.  And I’m not sure I have room in my house for a home gym.  So maybe just walking, stretching, etc.

I do have U-Fit for my XBOX 360.  Maybe I’ll use that.

So on top of scathing commentary on life and the idiots that populate it; and reviews of the ineffective and unqualified management at my job; I will be updating my health status here as well.

I think sometimes it’s a little crazy that we try to compartmentalize so much of our lives.  People write a dieting blog, or a cooking blog, or a religious blog.  But what if you’re a religious person who loves to cook and needs to lose weight?  

I think many of these people have some desire to share some part of their lives with others, but are either afraid or simply disinclined to share all of it.  I am not afraid.  Life has its’ ups and downs.  Crazy things happen.  Good things and bad things happen.  I think they all deserve to be talked about.  So, I treat this blog like a diary that everyone else is invited to read.

I’m just me.  This blog is subtitled “Life as I see it”.  So whatever is going on in my life has a reasonable chance of appearing here.  Right now, I am trying to avoid going blind, losing my feet, winding up on insulin, and dying early.  That seems like something worth talking about.

I’ll keep you posted.


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