The Invisible Hand

I posted a note to my Facebook the other day saying that from time to time something happens that makes it very difficult not to believe that there is some invisible hand guiding the events of my life.  I intend, in this post, to explain why I said that.

As some of the people who read this blog are actual friends and/or coworkers of mine, and they will know who and what I am talking about, I am going to use names.  However, since many of the people who read this are not actual friends of mine, and I am mindful of people’s privacy, I will only use first names.

I also want to preface this by saying that the only thing in life that is certain, is death.  So none of this is set in stone.  But, since I write this blog to chronicle my life, the ups and the downs, I thought it important to write this BEFORE I know for sure what will happen.  Then I can write another one after I know for sure what will happen and contrast them.

As I have said on several occasions, I used to really enjoy my job.  I used to like and respect the people I worked with and for.  My direct manager, Dave, was an easy going, good guy with a lot of technical knowledge and a patient personality.  He was willing to work with me, teach me things I did not know, and help me learn new skills.

Dave reported to Russ.  Russ was responsible, in part, for getting me in the position I held in the first place.  He set me up for success.  He provided me with guidance and advice.  He was willing to put me in roles I was not qualified for and let me grow in to them.  He was where I wanted to be, and willing to help me get from where I was to where he was.

LaTanya was the PM of the project I initially started on, and later became the Deputy Program Manager.  She pushed me.  She dropped stuff on my desk and told me to “make it happen”.  She was funny when funny was called for, and serious when serious was needed.  She helped me identify strengths and weaknesses, set goals, and create a plan to achieve them.  She was, is, and always will be one of the people I count myself fortunate to have met, and I consider her both a mentor and a friend.

That was the office before this one.  I have documented my feelings regarding my current position in previous blog posts, so I will not go back in to that here.

I asked LaTanya if she’d like to go to dinner Saturday, on Wednesday of last week.  On Thursday morning we all received an email telling us that people would be receiving layoff notices on Friday.  Friday afternoon I got the call, as did my entire team.  Saturday I went to dinner with LaTanya…

It turns out that when the contract we were on ended, some folks went on to different companies and some stayed with our employer on different contracts.  LaTanya is one that moved on.  John, the Technical Director from my former contract also moved on.  Russ and Dave stayed.

As is common in the contracting world, companies team up to do various projects.  One time you work for the prime, another you work for the sub.  But frequently you are in the same offices, with the same people.  Roles change, but in a lot of cases the people do not.

So as it stands, LaTanya has submitted me for a position with her company.  (I still have to interview for it, and they still have to actually win the work).  If it goes through and I am hired on, I will be working on virtualizing a test environment.  Which means I will be back on the cutting edge, learning new things and adding meaningful skills to my resume.  But that is not the best part.

The position will come with a raise… but that is not the best part.

The best part is that, if I get the job, LaTanya will be my direct manager.  I will be working with Dave, for Russ, in an environment managed by John.  In other words, all the people I really liked working with before.  And it starts two weeks after this one ends.  So with my severance pay I will essentially get a paid vacation and a bonus before starting a better job.  Rather than being unemployed and looking for a job…

God?  I don’t know.  But sometimes you have to wonder….

Now… if it turns out that it doesn’t work out…we’ll see what my thoughts and feelings are then. lol


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