The Progressive Catholic Church

Wow…I’m on a roll.  3 Posts in one day.  Amazing.

For some reason I clicked on a news article regarding the demotion of a Cardinal by the Pope.  The opinion piece in question can be read here:

One of the excerpts that really caught my attention was this one:

 Raymond Burke is one of the pope’s strongest opponents. The 66 year-old Burke believes homosexuality is, ‘always and everywhere wrong [and] evil,’ and continuously questioned the authority of Pope Francis, now 77. Burke told Buzzfeed in October:“The pope is not free to change the church’s teachings with regard to the immorality of homosexual acts or the insolubility of marriage or any other doctrine of the faith.”

Apparently the Pope is free, at minimum, to encourage change. This is one more reason why so many free-thinkers in America, and in other countries love Pope Francis.

No dear, the reason so-called free thinkers love religious people who abandon the doctrine of the church, is because they are no longer held accountable…and that feels good.

Oddly, it is wildly unpopular to criticize the Muslim community for suicide bombings, genocide, murder, barbarism, etc.  Even though these acts are routinely committed by members of the Muslim faith.  But it is, at the same time, very popular to criticize Christian leaders for saying what they have been saying for centuries…and in fact what the Bible says.  Can someone explain that to me?

Why is one religious nut okay, and another religious nut is not?

To be plain and forthcoming, I hold no religious views.  I don’t care who you bang, or in what orifice.  What goes on in your bedroom is your business.  Though I wish all the gay people struggling so hard to make it my business would stop.  I don’t need a parade marching down my street celebrating the fact that you bang some other dude in the ass.  I think that falls firmly under the “TMI” rule.

But what I cannot tolerate, from any quarter, is hypocrisy.  So explain to me how it is that the Pope demotes a Cardinal for expressing what has been Catholic Doctrine for the entire existence of the Church?  And explain to me how the hell religion can be real, relevant, AND progressive?  Did God say homosexuality was a sin in the Old Testament, and then wake up one day a couple thousand years later and decide that his position on the issue has “evolved”?  I mean what happened?  He heard an Obama speech or something and changed his mind?

This Pope literally said, “Who am I to judge?”  Really?  I don’t know…the freakin Vicar of Christ or something….  Isn’t that the title?  I mean this guy is like Obama.  He gets elected and decides he’s just going to make up the law, and enforce what he wants to enforce.  I thought his position was supposed to represent God on Earth.  last I checked, God doesn’t change.  Or so the stories say.

The woman continues…

Many of us love these new Catholic Church ‘inconsistencies,’ Burke denounces. They represent the over-due distancing of archaic religious dogma that drove many people away from the church.

As a pro-choice Liberal woman, I cannot end this diary, in good conscience, without conveying my hope that Pope Francis will vocally extend his progressive efforts to defend the reproductive rights of women, as well as women’s position in the church. One step at a time. Meanwhile, here’s to a great pope and a great man, who continues to be a breath of fresh air for many, many people around the world.


Yes, you are correct.  an institution which is supposed to represent the almighty creator of the Universe, is rightly being slowly changed by political pressure from a special interest group… and that’s a good thing.

Archaic religious dogma… like the death and resurrection of Jesus?  Like, “turn the other cheek”?  “Do unto others…”

No, those are fine, because they fit what you believe.  It’s just the parts of Christianity that call in to question your own personal issues that you want to see changed.  The stuff that makes parts of your life hard or even inconvenient.

So let me ask you this…when an organization stands for nothing whatsoever, what’s the point of being a member?  When the progressives have finally succeeded in tearing down every aspect of western Christianity and all that is left is eastern mysticism and Muslim fanaticism, what then?

This is a different symptom of the same problem I had with religion when I left it.  It’s about being popular, and therefore wealthy and powerful.  It’s not about being right.  It’s not about standing up and fighting for anything.  It’s about appealing to as many people as possible?  Why?  So you can save their souls?  Well no…saying their souls need saving would be “judgmental”.  So what does that leave?

Asses in seats, money in collection plates, and authority given to senile old men who lack the integrity to honor the God they (I believe falsely) claim to serve.  What a joke.

And the fact that people sit and applaud the erosion of values, traditions and beliefs, in an organization BUILT on values, traditions and beliefs, shows how far down the road to ruin we have travelled.

Fortunately for me, I can sit back with a beer, smoke a cigarette, and watch the wold burn with no care for what “God” think about any of it.

But then again..I’m not the “Vicar of Christ”, am I?


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