Those You Know pt. 2

I named this blog life is a woman for a reason.  Not as a disparaging remark against women. I am a decidedly heterosexual male; women are one of the things I enjoy in this life.  But because, historically speaking, of the two genders that comprise our species,  the female is typically the more fickle.

She likes these shoes with those pants and then she doesn’t.  First, this handbag would go perfectly with the jacket she owns, then it’s far too gaudy.  Every man who reads this will know what I mean.  There are of course no hard and fast rules, but stereotypes exist for a reason.

In thinking what to name this blog, I considered my life.  The ups and the downs, the ebb and flow. The way it seemed that if I got a $500 bonus at work.  I got a $499 repair bill the next day.  This fickle life that gives and takes, that seems to be headed one way and then suddenly changes her mind.  And so it occurred to me that life is a woman.  From the three blind sisters who decide your fate in ancient mythology, to “justice”, the blindfolded woman in front of our courthouses, to “Lady liberty”.  Everywhere we look, life is a woman.

In my last post I wrote of my despair at the quality of individuals that I know. I mentioned that I was well acquainted with people who earn significant amounts of money, many of whom failed to show any interest in donating a few dollars to teen suicide prevention.

I did not just post my daughters fundraiser on Facebook and leave it.  I went to people personally, individually, and specifically asked them to donate.  I made public posts shaming those who I knew were spending money on frivolous things, yet couldn’t be bothered, to even try, to save a life.  I posted to this blog. I posted the link to specific individuals Facebook pages. I exerted all the power and influence at my disposal.

After all that, of all the people I know, and all the money they make, my daughter’s fundraiser had reached $205 as of yesterday.  How pathetic.  I put $200 more in myself personally “On behalf of those that I know could afford to give but have more important things than saving the lives of children going on”.  Meaning her total is now $405, of which $250 came from me personally.

And then a friend of mine whose name shall remain anonymous, asked me to whom the donations would be given.  I told him, and then I heard nothing from him for 24 hours.  So I sent him a message and I asked him if his wife was leery of making a donation, and that’s why he had asked me?  He replied that his wife has had a close friend who had committed suicide, and that she herself had used the national suicide prevention hotline.  He said that his wife and himself had decided that at the end of this week whatever amount of money my daughter was short of her $1000 goal, he was going to donate that amount of money.

I have to say I sat here in stunned disbelief for period of time.  Just when I reached the point where I was seriously considering the thought that the vast majority of the people I know are not worth knowing.  Some guy from my gaming group is willing to drop a whole lot of money to help my daughter reach her goal.

At the end of the day there will be multiple donations in small increments, the dollars that average people can afford the 10, 20, $50 donations.  Some will have given all they could.  Some will have given a pittance just to assuage their conscience, just so when they look in the mirror from time to time, they can think to themselves.  I gave to a teen suicide prevention cause.  And, some who will spend untold amounts of money on lavish parties, expensive cigars, expensive wine and liquor, car care products, remote control toys, and all manner of other meaningless bullshit this weekend, will have given nothing.

In the end it will have been the gamer geeks, the group that is “not really a group” in the eyes of the ignorant with whom I deal daily, because we don’t know each other in “real life”, that will have met and exceeded this goal.

This is why, of all the things that I am, the one I am most proud to say I am is a “gamer”.  And this is why, for the moment, my faith is renewed.  I do in fact know “quality people”.  It’s just that I don’t know most of them “in real life”.


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