Why The Supreme Court Is A Threat To Our Society

I am uncertain whether or not I should begin this blog post with a disclaimer.  Those who will be prowling the internet today looking for homophobes will not finish reading what I am about to write if I do.  Thus, the people who most need to stop and think about the subject won’t.  But, truth be told, no one is capable of changing their minds anymore anyway, so what’s the difference?  Everyone wants to hear what they already believe, and so we find voices to preach to our particular choir, and delude ourselves in to believing we have a considered opinion.

So, here goes…

I am not opposed to gay marriage.  I do not care what you do or who you do it with.  I am not opposed to homosexuality as a lifestyle.  I do not see it as sin.  I do not care who you sleep with, or who you marry.  So long as what you do doesn’t affect me, I will offer to you that which I will ask of you.  Stay out of my business and let me live my life.

Lost however in all the hoopla and rainbows was the fact that gay marriage was not the only thing The Supreme Court ruled on last week.  There was also another Obamacare ruling and an equal housing ruling.  Taken together these three rulings are disastrous.  Yes, even the gay marriage ruling,   But as I said, not because I am against gay marriage.

The United States was formed around a concept.  That concept is known as federalism.  It is the notion that the representatives and lawmakers closest to the people are the most accountable and responsive.  That the citizens of a state ought to rightly determine the laws of that state.  That the federal government exists to handle national security and international relations, and to regulate interstate trade.  Pretty much, that’s it.

What we have instead, through coercion and bribery, is an all encompassing federal government that uses money to blackmail states in to complying with its’ will, and regulation or legislation to do so where blackmail fails.

Thus, it used to be that if you wanted to make the speed limit in Georgia 100 mph, and the drinking age 12, so be it.  Abortion could be legal in Maine and illegal in North Carolina.  Or…pot could be legal in Colorado and illegal in Maryland (to use a more current example).  That is no longer the case.  The federal government has said on several occasions for example that though marijuana is legal in Colorado it is still federally illegal and they intend to enforce the law.

So what is the impact on “Joe Citizen”?  Simple really.  If you live in a very conservative, Bible-belt state with blue laws, traditional marriage and dry counties because that’s the way of life you like, you are going to wake up in a different world.  It is no longer acceptable for liberal loons to move to the northeast or California.  Now, every small town in eastern Ohio must be converted in to Cambridge, or the liberals are not happy.

For 9 people in black robes to determine for 300,000,000 people what the definition of marriage is, is wrong in my humble opinion.  This issue rightly belonged where it was, in the statehouses of individual states.  Where the people of those states could determine for themselves what they wished the laws governing their states to be.

When the man or woman performing a marriage ceremony finishes it, they do so with the words “By the power vested in me by the state of….”  Marriage is a union of two people recognized by a society and codified by the state.  It is not a right, and it is not a federal issue.

Just as our nation has been turned on its’ head by a liberal application of the general welfare clause, so too with equal protection.  Those of you celebrating the fact that “love won” may well one day discover that YOU lost.  Not because gay people can get married.  I never bought the argument that gay marriage would negatively impact traditional marriage.  But, because the activist court, producing legislation as they have done this last week, may well decide that a whole lot of other things need to be equal as well.

Take for example the recent discussions on income equality.  Housing equality was another of the rulings from last week.  How about mobility equality, education equality, and so forth and so on?

Driving is a key to getting to and from work.  Is driving a right?  Is owning a car a right?  What if the Supreme Court rules that everyone has a right to a car, and if they cannot afford one they must be given one.  How about a free college education?  Free house?  The right to a job, whether one exists or not?

If you understand anything at all about economics then you understand that all of the “free” things we provide to people in this country are not actually free.  If you understand the concept behind the ACA’s individual mandate, then you understand that you are no longer free either.

We are headed down a road toward a European Socialist state, and the pedal is on the floor.  We are sacrificing privacy and liberty for security.  We are sacrificing culture and values for “fairness”.  And we are sacrificing government of the people, by the people, for the people, for top down tyrannical government in the name of equality.  We are silencing the voices of opposition, erasing our history, dumbing down our children, and destroying the constitutionally created Republic we started with.

Not because gay people can get married, but because of how the decision was made.

The end does not justify the means when you have to circumvent the legislative process to achieve it.

In the end, this is what that flag everyone hates really stands for.  Yes, states in the south wanted to continue the abhorrent practice of slavery.  The federal government said, “You can’t be in this union and do that”.  So the southern states decided not to be in the union.  The federal government decided, that the solution was to kill people until they changed their minds.  THAT is the essence of the civil war

You may be happy that slavery was abolished, but 600,000 people died in the process.  In any other nation in the world we would call that genocide.  Here we call it “liberation”.

We need to wake up.  Yes, your gay friends just got access to the same misery the rest of us live with.  “Love won”.  But you lost.  The republic lost.  America, as constituted lost.  Because the law came not from the lawmakers, but from an activist court.  That’s dangerous.  It’s just that you’re too busy throwing parties and parades to realize it.


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