The Land of the Free

If The Joker were standing here he’d likely ask me, “Why so serious?”  I’ve begun to ask that question of myself.  The problem is, I don’t know any other way to be.

I cannot, of course, see into the minds of those around me.  I don’t know what my friends and associates are thinking moment to moment or day to day.  But from the things they say and the things they post to social media, none of them are thinking about the things I am thinking about.

I live and love, laugh and cry, pay the bills, just like everyone else.  I worry about how the kids are doing, showing up to work on time, getting the oil changed.  I bitch about traffic.  I look forward to the next episode of Ink Master.  In short, I see and acknowledge the little things in life, just like everyone else.  What separates me from those around me (as far as I can tell) is that I also concern myself with the big picture.  Even more fundamentally, I am able to see the big picture.

Too many of the people I know see each and every thing that happens as separate and unrelated to everything else that is happening.  I suppose the mind of the average person wants to believe that “shit happens”.  If you propose that there is an agenda, and that the things happening around you are not random and unrelated, this so offends the delicate sensibilities of the average Joe that they must come up with a derogatory name for you.  “Conspiracy theorist” is popular.

But the simple fact is that there is an agenda.  President Obama is not alone in this agenda, nor is his the first administration to implement it.  His was just the first administration to say it out loud.  Some of you will recall the speech he gave in which he referred to “the fundamental transformation of America”.

Note that words have meaning.  I know…these days words used by the common man don’t have much meaning.  But when spoken by professional speakers, and people of above average intelligence, words are often chosen carefully precisely because of their meaning.  In this one phrase, spoken by our President, we have the essence of today’s reality.  You see, “change”, can be instant, or nearly instant.  A red light changes to a green light in the blink of an eye.  But a “transformation” takes place incrementally.  Yes, it can still happen quickly, but it happens in stages.  Like a caterpillar transforming in to a butterfly.

And so we have witnessed over these last 7 years a transformation.  Not one that started 7 years ago to be sure.  But, one that has accelerated in the last decade.

Our military is weaker.  Our economy is weaker.  Our immigration laws are being ignored, flooding our nation with undocumented, cheap labor.  Our culture is weakened by things like the Obamacare individual mandate; because our government is now empowered to dictate to the people what products they must purchase.  Our form of government is weakened by the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage; because the legislative process is circumvented and the will of the people ignored.

It is more difficult today to open and run a business because of excessive government regulation.  Energy costs are going through the roof, as anyone paying an electric bill can attest, and as the President openly admitted was his plan prior to being elected.

But, of course, the poor cannot afford skyrocketing energy prices.  So there are subsidies.  And guess where those come from.

The Democrats rail against all the “wars” they see in our society.  Wars on women, the poor, minorities.  But the poor, women, and minorities have been voting Democrat for decades and to hear them tell it not a thing has changed.  That’s because the masses are being manipulated into believing a lie.  It is an intentional fabrication by political figures and media personalities.  We used to call it propaganda, back when people could use multi-syllable words.

We run around with bumper stickers and Facebook posts claiming that that we’re, “The Land of the Free, because of the brave.”  Few people actually give that any thought.  We are the Land of the Free because of the constitution.  The armed services of the United States have never fought a war to defend our freedom since the Revolution.  We have fought wars on foreign soil to defend other people’s freedoms, but no war has been fought here in centuries.  But the nationalist drumbeat is sounded anyway, because it is the method used to control the masses on the Right.

Lee Greenwood sings, “I’m proud to be an America, where at least I know I’m free.  And I won’t forget the men who died to give that right to me.”  Mr. Greenwood, while a lovely person and inspiring artist, is apparently unaware (as our most of our public) that we established as a people long ago that our rights are derived from our creator, and we are endowed with them as a result of our existence.  No men died to give us our rights.  Some died to codify them, but again that was a long time ago.

July 4th is coming.  As a nation we will wave flags and watch fireworks.  For many there will be patriotic outpourings and wishes of “Happy Birthday America”.  But for most it is simply an excuse to cookout and get drunk.  A day off work.  I’d wager a sizable chunk of change that 6 out of 10 random strangers on the street couldn’t offer a single detail concerning the 4th of July past “it’s Independence Day!”

So here we sit, in “The Land of the Free”.  With individual mandates on our health insurance, which is just the first step towards a single payer system.  Read More Here 

The EPA and other federal bureaucracies pass thousands of pages of regulations every year, many of which carry punishments like fines and imprisonment, and you didn’t elect a single person in any of them.  You also have no idea what is in those pages, until you find yourself face to face with an enforcement agent.

The government meddling in everything from what kind of light bulbs you can have in your house to fining pastry companies for not baking cakes for gay weddings.  Yeah…that’s freedom!

You are not free, and have not been for a very long time.  Your words, deeds, and to some extent even your thoughts are controlled.  Through laws and regulations, through propaganda and public opinion, and through judicial activism.

Your country has been invaded and conquered.  Your vote is a farce.  It’s an illusion created to give you the impression that what you think matters.  The fact that Obamacare passed while about 70% of the population was against it proves that what you think doesn’t matter at all.  Nor do votes, Senate rules, or anything else that stands in the way of the agenda.

Next comes the war on religious institutions.  The gay marriage ruling will be used as a springboard to attack churches of all denominations (but not mosques) for refusing to perform ceremonies for same sex couples.  Thus adding your beliefs to the official list of things under attack (though to be honest that has been the unofficial case for decades).  Because what is truly under attack is middle class, white, Christian, America.

Or as Obama would call them:

People who, “… cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.

We have entered a world that is a strange amalgam of Orwell’s 1984 and Harrison Bergeron.  Though I know that many who read this post will have never read those stories.

We have returned to colonial days.  We have a ruling class and the peasantry.  In case you’re confused, you are the peasantry.  The ruling class are the people who tell you daily how to live your life.  They’re the people who make your electric bill go up.  The people who redistribute your money to buy the votes of people who have no money.  They’re the people who make you a pariah because you cling to your rights or your religion, or both.

These rulers have cleverly fooled a segment of the population in to believing that they matter by giving those people just enough to make it appear that they are trying.  And so the useful idiots cheer when the government usurps the individual rights of someone else in the name of fairness.  Somehow, never realizing that one day they will fall out of favor, and it will be their rights that are usurped.  This will become clear to the black man, that faithful Democrat voter, when the Hispanic population finally outnumbers them and their interests collide.

But for now, the poor are content when the rich are punished.  Never aspiring to be rich themselves, they are content to have those above them lowered to their level rather than aspiring to rise to meet them.

The black community is cheerful when the white man is disparaged; somehow missing the racism running rampant in their own communities and ignoring Tupac’s admonishment, “They say it’s the white man I should fear, but it’s my own kind doing all the killin’ here”.

Our nation is no longer built on hopes and dreams, but on hate and anger.  Those who wish to preserve what was good about our nation are viewed with hostility as the winds of change blow down every street in the nation.

Gays spitting on priests on street corners in the wake of the Supreme Court’s latest usurpation of the legislative process.

N.O.W. hating on men.

Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, stirring up racial division in a fundraising campaign designed to improve and maintain their personal lifestyles cleverly concealed as a social movement.

Consider for a moment that Donald Trump had his association with NBC terminated because he made hateful statements about Mexicans.  But Al Sharpton has a show on MSNBC and he has made racist statements in his past.  Hypocrisy much?  But that is the agenda. Because a divided people, angry at each other, are easier to control.  Because the truth, if condemned as “hate”, is muted, neutralized, and forgotten.  Hence, any negative word about Obama is immediately dismissed as racism, even if the criticism is legitimate and true.

We all want to pass on a better life and a better nation to our kids.  Some people labor under the illusion that they are doing so.  But we are tearing down the institutions and traditions that made this nation a special place, and decreasing freedom, liberty, and justice for the next generation.

If you honestly believe you are free, try telling the NSA you’d like to opt out of having your phone information monitored.  Try telling a gay couple that your deeply held religious convictions prohibit you from catering their wedding.  Try telling the IRS you’d like to make use of “the Geithner exemption”.  Try telling the EPA that your air conditioning bill is high enough and you’d like the restrictions on you local electric plant lifted.  Try telling the President you’d prefer that millions of your tax dollars weren’t going to fly his wife and her entourage all over the planet for vacations most of the rest of us will never be able to afford.

We live in a post-constitutional, statist society.  We have ceded power and control to petty men and women, intent on seeking power, hell bent to keep it.  We sacrificed freedom for security, liberty for “fairness”, and personal responsibility for a western European Socialist nanny state.

If you lack the will to change it, or the courage to speak up about it, at least have the integrity to stop lying to yourself about it.  Drink your beer, eat your hamburgers and watch the pretty lights in the sky.  But don’t stand around talking about freedom and independence this weekend.  No person alive in America today is, or ever has been, free.


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