This Is Sparta…

Let me forewarn you, this is not going to be a touchy-feely post.  If you think every living human being is a special snowflake, or if you’re a Democrat, this will likely offend you.  You should know that I do not care if I offend you.  You have been warned.

In the wake of yesterday’s execution of two members of the media, live on television, in Roanoke, Va. I have spent some time contemplating the problem of gun violence in America.  In the interests of full disclosure, I am one of the millions of Americans who both own guns and did not kill anyone yesterday.

Democrats, of course, rushed to the nearest microphone while the police were still chasing the suspect, to denounce gun violence.  Having no respect for the victims or their families, and being unwilling to allow a tragedy to go to waste, they couldn’t wait for the blood to coagulate before making speeches.  Virginia Governor Terry McCullough, in a rare moment of intellectual integrity, answered a question concerning how the gunman got his weapon with the truth.  He stated accurately, “I don’t know anything at all”.  Which only serves to starkly highlight the poignancy of the question, “Then why are you speaking?”

Nevertheless, I considered for a few moments whether it is in fact a gun problem that we have.

Some, like my friend Kristine, advocate for better mental health assessment and treatment.  Some, like my friend Eric advocate for stricter measures to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.  Completely ignoring the fact that much like immigration our problem is not a lack of laws or regulations, it is an unwillingness to enforce the laws already on the books, or an ineptitude at performing the task.  I imagine, were it possible, Eric would prefer to live in a world much like The Minority Report, where we simply arrest people before they commit crimes.  Perhaps we would use criteria like independent thought or a belief in inalienable rights as our criteria.  Who knows?

But I believe our problem is much simpler and more base.  We have a heart problem.  We have an inconsistency problem.  We have an evolution problem.

We have spent all the years since Roe v Wade devaluing human life.  We have taken the eternal, incorruptible, judge of all mankind out of our education system.  We have frowned upon, and in many cases outlawed, parental discipline.  We have created an entitlement society.  And then we have taken these kids that believe they are entitled to everything, answer to no one, and have no obligation to respect the sanctity of human life, and turned them loose on society.  What exactly did we expect would happen?

I would like to propose a radical solution to this problem.  Radical at least to some, though wholly consistent with the world view that those same people hold.  Which makes it decidedly more amusing, and at the same time frustrating.

We have established that abortion on demand, at any stage of pregnancy, for any reason whatsoever, is a woman’s right.  Chopping up fully formed, late term fetuses and selling their body parts for profit can be videotaped and broadcast, and even the so called “conservatives” can’t bring themselves to inconvenience anyone in the attempt to de-fund the organization doing it.  In short, at any time prior to a baby actually entering the atmosphere outside the womb, it can be aborted for no better reason than the convenience of the woman carrying it.  I propose to take this principle a bit further.

A woman can decide that it is counter to her career goals, her ambitions, her sex life or her figure to be pregnant.  She can simply choose to end the life of her child.  This is (in our societal view) legal, moral, ethical, and fair.  But the fact is, the birth of a child does not simply impact that woman and her career.  It impacts the community they live in, the schools they attend, the people, and the property around them.  So I propose that we adopt a more Spartan approach to child rearing.

There are a number of paths we could go down with this, but I will focus on 3 of them.

  1. Children born to obviously unfit parents would be taken away from those parents and placed in an environment designed to turn them in to productive, contributing members of society.  People with drug convictions; prostitution convictions; charges relating to child abuse or endangerment; a history of dependence of welfare or food stamps; and any person that has appeared on Youtube saying or doing things that are unacceptable in civilized society (spitting on people, shitting on cars, throwing rocks at police, etc.) should automatically lose the right to carry  on their obviously faulty genetic code.
  2. Parents that fail to teach their children how to act in public, should bear the punishment for their children’s actions.  We need a little more Singapore, and a little less bleeding heart.  I guarantee you that if a child vandalizes a neighbor’s property and the father is taken down to a state facility and caned…dad’s will start paying more attention to teaching their kids to respect other people’s property.  The problem today, and it is rampant in the lower economic strata (yes, I said “the inner city” or “ghetto”, whichever you prefer), is that parents make babies and turn them loose.  Thugs and punks are knocking up two-bit whores, squeezing out babies, and raising the next generation of thugs, punks and whores.  As a society we need to break this cycle by holding parents accountable for the actions of their children.
  3. In Sparta a weak or imperfect child would have simply been killed.  I realize this approach offends the delicate sensibilities of our modern culture.  And to be honest, kids aren’t born bad.  It takes a piece of shit parent (usually) to raise a piece of shit child.  So I propose instead to resolve the problem at the source.  People who have been through steps one and two above and continue down the same path, should just be thrown off a cliff.  We’re not running short on people, and it’s not like the guy who is going to cure cancer is sitting around in his wife beater right now, watching Oprah, smoking a joint, and screaming at his kids to shut the hell up.  One of those kids *might* cure cancer, given the right opportunities.  But we can get by just fine without the father (and to be honest, the kids will be better off).

As far as “mental illness” and all the other plagues that seem to be overwhelming modern western culture, we have only ourselves to blame.  Nature works hard every single day to strengthen the gene pool by eliminating the unfit.  We circumvent the natural order by preserving them.  They continually mingle deficient traits, further weakening the gene pool.  As a result, we wind up in a society full of messed up people, doing messed up shit (like killing reporters live on television).

Take Charles Manson for example…he’s been in prison virtually his entire life.  He started his life of crime as a young child.  it culminated in the formation of a cult, resulting in the deaths of several people.  On not a single day in his entire existence has Charles Manson’s presence been a positive.  Yet we keep him in jail, for decades, at Christ only knows what cost, when a bullet to the back of the head would cost about $1.  Can someone explain that?

I know…I know.  “Doug man, you’re messed up!  We can’t just go around deciding who we do and do not want alive in our society and killing those we don’t want!”  Really??  We’ve done it somewhere between 50 and 60 million times since Roe v Wade.

So tell me why we can kill the innocent with impunity, but we must preserve the lives of the guilty in the name of humanity?

And tell me why, if your kid is in a Chuck E. Cheese, acting like an asshole and spitting in the faces of other patrons, I shouldn’t be able to hold you accountable for being a horrible parent, and beat the shit out of you for a half hour or so?


One response to “This Is Sparta…

  1. I have some issues with this approach. Who decides what an unfit parent is? To some, I am unfit parent because I smacked my child, to others I did the right thing. Having a conviction on your record? I don’t have faith in our justice system, when time and again I have seen it fail. Innocent people being convicted for being at the wrong place and time, over zealous prosecutors, and lazy investigators. As humans we do make mistake, should you be punished for the rest of your life. I am sure there are things in your past you are not proud of and then you grew up.
    I do have to say you are right about our society, we have a heart problem. The children aren’t taught respect or morals any more. Our society is so desensitize to violence and immoralities, that taking a life has been all to common.


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