Where We Stand

I recently had a discussion on Facebook (it seems I do that a lot) with a friend of mine that refers to himself as a single-issue voter.  That single issue happens to be abortion.  In light of the results of “Super Tuesday”, and comments made in that discussion, I was moved to write out my thoughts on the matter.

First let me qualify a few things.

  1. I have deep respect for Dave.  He’s a religious guy, but he’s not your “typical” religious guy (and I know a little about that, which I’ll get to in a minute).  Dave asks questions, he listens to the answers, and he has never once taken the “Thus sayeth the Lord” approach with me.  Which is both refreshing and interesting given that I am what the church would call a backslidden, apostate.
  2. I myself, like Dave, am the son of a (former) Pastor.  Though I suspect Dave’s father is a bit more of a good moral example than mine was.  I’ve never met or spoken to the man, but you can tell a lot about a parent by looking at their children (though obviously that’s not always the case).  Dave’s dad raised a fine, upstanding, respectable individual.
  3. I am a life-long conservative, and I vote Republican.  I separate those two because they are not one and the same.  Many Republicans look and sound just like Democrats to me.  But I lean conservative on every issue, and I would prefer a truly conservative candidate.

All that said, I have been where Dave finds himself.  At one point in my life I believed that abortion was murder, plain and simple.  I saw it as a national tragedy and a reflection on who we are as a people, that we allow the unborn to be “killed”.  I still feel that way under some circumstances.  Specifically when promiscuous people use abortion as birth control in an effort to avoid the consequences of their actions.

But having been through the process now I can assure Dave, and others who feel that way, that those people are not in fact avoiding the consequences of their actions.  They are just committing different acts for which there are also consequences.  And there are legitimate circumstances, during specific periods of gestation, when abortion is warranted.  I believe that if it is performed early in a pregnancy, before what can be actually identified as a fetus is formed, there is no moral issue (IMHO).

In any event, we could debate that issue for…50 years?  And I imagine in some way, shape, or form I will be doing just that.  But my purpose in writing today is not to debate abortion.  It’s to discuss the future of America.

The simple fact is, Ben Carson is not going to win.  Rubio is not likely to win (barring a miracle, and those don’t happen often these days).  It is unlikely, though possible, that Cruz is going to win.  So what we are left with, in the most probably of scenarios, is a race for the Presidency between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

My question at that point is simple.  Neither of them has a pro-life record, though Trump proclaims himself pro-life now (likely because it is politically expedient).  So what are you going to do Dave, sit home on election day?  Are you truly willing to sit through 8 years of Hillary Clinton as President of the United States, and allow your young children to grow up, go to school, and enter an economy of her making, because your “single issue” is not being satisfactorily addressed?

I know you said that there are many other issues of importance to you and that the abortion issue is simply a disqualifier.  But the fact is, by fairly large margins, the rest of America doesn’t see it that way.  So you’re going to have a choice between two people, both of whom would be disqualified under your criteria.  So I’m curious how you intend to handle that.

For all of those in the “Never Trump” movement, including establishment Republicans like Mitch McConnell, let me say this.  You are all morons.  Period.

Donald Trump is not “hijacking” the Republican party.  He is being voted into the position of nominee of the Republican Party, by the constituents of the Republican Party.  Like him or not, thus far he is the choice of THE PEOPLE.  You ignore those people at your peril.

It is people like McConnell and Ryan that have gotten us to where we are today.  The career politicians putting their power and prestige ahead of the needs of the country is what has the people up in arms.  It is the fact that these days it is very difficult to tell the difference between a Democrat and a Republican.  It is the fact that the American people gave Republicans majorities in both houses in successive elections, and you have failed to do anything substantive with that.

So, we want someone from outside the establishment.  We want someone who has actually done something in their lives.  We want someone who sees what needs doing, and gets it done.  That, Mr. McConnell, is NOT you.

It is my sincere hope that if establishment Republicans run against the Republican nominee and refuse to support him, that the people take that as the slap in the face that it actually is, and vote you out of office.

Dave, I’ll grant you that the person I believe both of us would prefer to have governing this land is not going to be the nominee.  I would prefer a calm, serious, thoughtful man like Dr. Carson if I had my way.  But there comes a time when you have to concede that you are not going to get your way.  This is that time.

So we are left with essentially two choices.  A woman facing possible indictment under the espionage act.  A woman who has enabled a serial sex offender to continue to ply his craft through both action and inaction.  A woman who has assisted other members of her husband’s staff in destroying the names and reputations of the women brave enough to come forward and accuse her husband.  A woman who will say anything, and do anything, for power.  A woman who will tear down everything every productive member of this society has built in order to use the spoils to buy votes from the have-nots that comprise her base.

Or Donald Trump.

I strongly urge you and yours to hold your nose and vote.  The price we will pay as a nation if she wins, is too high.


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