The Truth, Without The PC Bullshit

Lately it has become fashionable to make all manner of statements on social media which “feel good”, but contain no basis in fact.  I have let these statements go for quite some time without responding, but I find myself unable to continue doing that.  There are some things people need to know for their own good, and it appears that it falls to me to explain them.

  1. “Any body is a beach body.”

No.  It’s really not.  Let’s be honest with ourselves here.  There is a reason you put on clean clothes.  There is a reason you put on deodorant.  There is a reason that you shower regularly (I hope).  The reasons for these things is that when you go out in public dirty and stinking, you offend other people and embarrass yourself.  Well guess what?  When you go out in public with your blubber hanging down to your knees in a freakin’ bikini…you offend other people and embarrass yourself.

Women have co-opted this issue.  For some reason they believe that it is perfectly acceptable to eat yourself into a state of morbid obesity, and then flaunt their lack of care for themselves in public.  Oddly, no one has posted any memes or opinion pieces on why a 400 pound man in a speedo is perfectly acceptable.  Know why?  Because it’s not!  Men have the good sense to know that.  Women apparently (at least some of them) do not.

In our victimhood society it has become fashionable to find whatever victimhood status you can, ascertain who the victimizer is, and then rally public support to coddle you and punish them.  So let me offer you this little tidbit.  The person victimizing you…is in your mirror every morning.

The fact that you smile a lot doesn’t make you happy, and the fact that you aren’t concerned about your weight doesn’t make you healthy.  Obesity is directly linked to high blood pressure, sleep apnea, diabetes, heart disease, and a host of other medical conditions.  If you can’t tie your own shoes, or even see your feet standing up…you’re not healthy.  Period.

The simple fact is that we are an animal.  We are not sexist, or heartless, or shallow because we seek out attractive mates.  This is the natural order of things.  All you need to do is watch birds preen and dance, or rhinos fight, or any other member of any other species do whatever it is they do to attract a mate.  If your brain works you’ll get it.  Your physical condition is an indication of your desirability with regard to passing on genetic material.  If you’re fat, weak, and sick…you’re not a good candidate.  Unfortunately mankind has circumvented nature’s design, and through browbeating, peer pressure, and the feminization of the male of the species, we have managed to turn it on its head.  So now fat, weak, sick people do in fact procreate.  And we give birth to more fat, weak, sick people.  Thus leading to a diabetes epidemic, a healthcare crisis, and the general weakening of our species as a whole.  Congratulations!

2) “The rich don’t pay income taxes, they pay a lower rate called capital gains taxes, and that’s not fair.”

Yes, in many instances this is true.  The problem is that the reason you are poor to begin with is that you a) Don’t understand how money works, or b) Make really stupid choices.  So, you fall for this line of crap without a second thought.

As Joe or Joana worker bee you have about 3 options for ever rising above your economic circumstances and becoming any sort of “wealthy”.  You can invent something.  You can start a business and grow it.  But for the vast majority the most likely solution is, you can invest your money.

Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, options, futures… these are all methods of making yourself more wealthy.  Now you may be thinking “that system is rigged too, and I’ll never make money in any of those markets.”  Let me offer to you that there is a difference between a system that is rigged, and a system that you cannot profitably participate in because you do not understand it.

When Facebook stock went public there were a whole bunch of instant millionaires at the company.  As you read this there are truck drivers riding around the country in Walmart trucks that are millionaires.  If you have a 401k plan, you are in the stock market.  If you own a home, you are invested in real estate.

Guess what?  When you realize a profit of any kind from any type of investment, you will pay capital gains tax.  So look at your 401k balance and ask yourself this question.  Do you want to pay the higher income tax rate or the lower capital gains tax rate on all that money?  Oh wait.  If you have a 401k then you have a job, and the good sense to plan for retirement.  So I’m probably not actually speaking to you in this post.

You know, greed is one of the seven deadly sins.  So is envy.  Stop worrying about what other people have or what other people pay, and start worrying about yourself.  The reason the vast majority of people who are rich, are rich…is because they got up and did things you are unwilling to do in order to make it.

Steve Jobs changed the world.  Meanwhile, you can barely muster the energy to mow the lawn.  But you’re going to sit on your couch, drinking your six pack, scratching off instant lottery tickets, watching MSNBC, and bitching about how the system is designed to keep you down?  If you want money like Steve Jobs had, do something like Steve Jobs did.

And recognize this.  There will always be rich people, and there will always be poor people.  Those same folks you complain about controlling the majority of the wealth also pay the majority of the taxes.  That’s a fact.  Your piddly ass $20k salary isn’t providing the taxes to pave any roads or buy any fire trucks.  Wake up!

Try saving some money.  Try asking yourself where you want to be in 5 years and putting a plan together to get there.  Try doing SOMETHING other than bitching about the things you don’t have.  Because here is the plain and simple truth.  If the government suddenly took every dollar Bill gates has…you wouldn’t get a dime of it.  Your life wouldn’t change in any way.

The only person that can change your life is you.  And the real bitter truth is, aside from a few loony toons running around giving out free hugs and shit…no one else cares.  So if there’s a problem, solve it.  Sitting around whining isn’t going to fix it.  And raising taxes on “the wealthy” just makes it harder for someone who is not wealthy to become wealthy.  (Hint: That someone, is you).



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