Snakes Eating Their Tails

This is an interesting time to be alive.  It can be a frustrating time as well, but it’s interesting to be sure.

This morning I pulled up Yahoo! to look at my email and saw a story about a new Disney movie featuring a male Polynesian that is depicted as a “plus-sized” individual.  Needless to say, the internet is in an uproar.  But, what is funny to me about this situation is that the maniac liberals are busily eating their own.

We have received conflicting messages for years now.  We’ve been told that obesity and its’ attendant complications (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.) are an epidemic.  We’ve also been told that “fat shaming” is abhorrent, and that “plus-sized” people should be celebrated, accepted, and welcomed.  So now a “plus-sized” Disney character comes along and Polynesians are upset at the depiction of their culture…while other people are upset that they find fat people upsetting.

We have gone so far down the road of political correctness that even the proponents of political correctness are no longer able to identify the rules.  Such was the case when gay people were killed by a Muslim in Orlando.

All I can do at this point is sit back and laugh.  Or cry…

We are blasting down the road to ruin at warp speed.  The ease of interaction that the internet affords is hastening our demise.  Mr. Orwell looks more and more like a prophet with each passing day, as our world transforms into a caricature of 1984.

The only consolation I have as I watch this process is that those who initiated it will be its’ first victims.  But the rest of us will follow…


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