Profiles In Courage

Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m stupid.  Well…let’s not get carried away.  I most certainly am not stupid.  But I am clearly missing something.

Can someone explain to me how blocking traffic, inconveniencing people at airports, and lighting things on fire is supposed to make things better? Can someone explain how a thinking person can rationalize purporting to be defending American values, by rioting?  Could someone with a camera and microphone go interview one of these morons in the street and attempt to ascertain if they even know what “American values” are?

If I am hearing the message clearly, sitting around waiting to get shot, stabbed, or bombed is an American value. Importing people, without regard to the impact on our economy or national security is an American value.  Failing to uphold the law is an American value.  Elected officials instigating, supporting, and participating in civil unrest which negatively impacts their constituents, is an American value.  And lastly, members of an Administration directing other members of an administration not to enforce an Executive Order, is an American value.

Schmuck Schumer called the acting AG “a profile in courage”. This is to some degree funny, because Chuck Schumer has never witnessed, experienced, or embodied courage, so I am not sure how he would identify it.  Nevertheless, she found out what all the rest of us know.  When you refuse to do your job, you lose it.  If you doubt me, report to your job this morning and inform your boss that you intend not to follow or enforce several policies because you personally disagree with them.  I’ll wait….

The simple fact is that the Hollywood elites, the career politicians, and the snowflakes in the street, have no idea what “American Values” are. I don’t think they ever have.

It is funny to watch the limousine liberals with their private jets and their security details try to share a cause with the unwashed masses. People who sit on street corners smoking dope, don’t shower for days on end, and believe they have a right to disrupt the lives of the productive members of society who provide their sustenance.

I watched a video last night of people in vehicles moving through the crowds trying to block traffic. Some of them inched through, but a few just floored it and literally ran these protestors down.  I applaud these actions.  If you are going to illegally gather in the street and attempt to disrupt the flow of traffic, you absolutely deserve to be hit by a car.

Your dissatisfaction with the Trump administration does not grant you the right to prevent me from getting home, or to work. It does not entitle you to impede commerce.  It does not entitle you to stop traffic.

I have spent many hours writing about the dangers of, and arguing against, heavy handed, overreaching government. I do not advocate for government control of society.  I do not believe that, in general, the answer to every problem is a government agency or program.  But I have to say, if the police and federal officers cannot perform the most basic of functions (keeping the street clear), then what exactly do we need them for?

Personally, I am sick and tired of the professional protestors. I am tired of lectures from vapid millionaires in Hollywood.  I am tired of foreigner’s wants and needs being placed above our rights and security.  I am tired of people preaching about American Values, when they in fact exist to subvert and undermine everything America actually stands for.

It is generally accepted practice to question someone’s positions without questioning the patriotism. I am breaking with that practice.  I believe that the Democrat party as a whole, and the elected representatives in particular, do not care at all about America or American values.  They do not exist to protect, or serve, or further the interests of America.  They exist to oppose Republicans.  Period.  It is party before country, every step of the way.  I for one am sick of it.

Assclowns in the State Department are saying that the travel *moratorium* will not make our country safer. No…of course not.  Because continuing to allow unvetted refugees from war torn countries in the Middle East to enter our nation is clearly safer than not allowing them.  People actually say these things?  And other people believe them?  This is like saying a wall or fence around a prison doesn’t make the community safer.  Really?  Then why do we bother building them?

President Barrack Abu Nidal Hussein Shariek bin Obama claimed no foreign terror organization had struck America on his watch. No…we just had shit blown up in Boston, people killed in Orlando, stabbings on college campuses, shootings at military bases…the list goes on.  And many of these attacks were carried out in the name of Allah, by people who came to this country as immigrants and refugees.

So I would like to propose this course of action. Every movie star like Assclown Kutcher who wants to have these people in “his America”, should be required to personally house as many immigrants as their oversized mansions will accommodate.  Every moron in the street should have a Syrian refugee placed in their home.  Every Democrat who wants these people allowed into our country without proper vetting, should be forced to house them.

But that won’t happen will it? Because Democrats always want to spend other people’s money.  They want projects, but they want them in your jurisdiction, not theirs.  Because Ashton knows that the next place to get shot up will be some nightclub, or bowling alley, or Army base…and he won’t be there.  It’s easy to push to have these people brought into the nation when you know not one of them will be living in your gated, patrolled, protected community.

Please, stop the preaching. You have no idea what American Values are.  You have never met a real American, haven’t had a conversation with anyone who disagrees with you in years, and haven’t had to actually earn a dollar in your adult life.  You have no frame of reference for, or understanding of, American values.

In fact…if you think Syrian refugees are so awesome, maybe you should be in Syria attempting to relieve their suffering. You could tell them jokes.  Or maybe you could tell them about some rich, white, privileged woman who refused to do her job and got fired for it…and what a “profile in courage” she is.


Orlando, Islam, and Gun Control

Where to begin…

For the record, I am not a member of the gay community.  I won’t even offer the platitude that “some of my best friends are gay”.  None of my best friends are gay.  In truth, that has nothing to do with anything pertaining to this discussion.  The sexual orientation of the Orlando victims is only of importance to two groups.  The practitioners of “the religion of peace”, who believe homosexuality is a crime worthy of capital punishment, and the gay community.  To all the rest of us it’s much simpler.  A religious nut killed innocent people.  Period.

First off I’d like to address this national delusion we appear to be suffering from.  The position this gunman held is not “radical” Islam.  In places like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia, the death penalty for the “sin” of homosexuality is *the law*.  It’s the position of THE STATE.  Hardly indicative of a small, extreme, fringe group.  So the fact of the matter is that while the *apostate* Islamist community doesn’t have any particular desire to kill people, the faithful practitioners of Islam believe it is their duty.  I suggest you take a look at the following link for a more clear understanding.

We have sat on our couches, eating our microwave pizzas and watching the news for years, and seen stories of gay men being thrown from rooftops in the middle east.  We shake our heads and ask ourselves, “What’s wrong with people?”  Somehow, we have never given thought to the fact that as we continue to import people who share this belief system, we will import the violence and hate intrinsically linked to it.  So we are importing Islamists from the middle east, and we are importing the violence and mayhem endemic to the middle east.  It’s seems pretty intuitive, yet a large segment of our society does not get it.

With regard to the gun control issue, I do not understand how plainly spoken, clear, English can be so utterly misunderstood.  I know before I speak I will not be heard.  Nevertheless, I will speak anyway.

I am a gun owner.  I am an AR-15 owner.  I do not support the issuance of weapons to felons.  I do not support the ability of anyone to purchase a firearm without a background check.  I do not support loopholes, or any other manner of circumventing the verification that a person who wishes to purchase a gun legally has the legal right to do so.  All that said…

A person who wishes to commit murder is not going to be stopped by a law banning the type of weapon he or she wishes to use.  If banning a product made it hard or impossible to obtain the war on drugs would have been a smashing success.  Clearly it has not been.

People have said that rifles like mine are weapons of war and have no place on the streets of America.  Yet those same people support local and state police departments having those weapons.  Why is that?  Are we empowering and/or inviting the police to bring “war” to the streets of our cities?  Do they need those weapons to confront the criminal element?  If so, does it not follow that the citizenry who must confront the criminal element prior to the arrival of the police also needs those weapons?

Of greater importance, and worthy of long and deep consideration, is the lesson that history has taught us.  We have shining examples all around us of what happens when the government is armed and the citizens are not.  Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Communist Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico…the list goes on.

So when you say “no one needs an assault rifle”, I reply that so long as the people who make the laws and enforce them are armed with these weapons, I will be too.  Because a people unable, or unwilling, to protect their own liberty from those who wish to take it, will not long have it.  This is not my opinion, it’s a historical fact.

So rather than attempt to ban a weapon that has sat in my closet for 5 years and harmed no one, let us work to remove the actual threat.  That being, the people behind the weapons who wish harm upon innocents.  Especially those who do harm to others because they believe God wills it.

If you banned every gun in existence you still would not solve the problem.  Criminals would still have guns.  Law-abiding citizens would be utterly defenseless.  Terrorists would use car bombs, IED’s, chemical and biological weapons, airplanes….  What must be done to solve this problem (this specific problem) is that every living soul who believes it is acceptable to kill another human being based on the words written in a book (any book), must be removed from the realm of the living.

I am not advocating hate toward Islam or people of the Muslim faith.  I am advocating understanding the mindset of people coming from strict Muslim societies, backgrounds, or upbringings.  I am advocating the incarceration, deportation, or even execution of people who preach hate and spread it to congregants.  And I am stating plainly that if you think you can import tens of thousands of people from a region where killing people over their views on God is just normal day-to-day business, without importing the violence…you’re crazy.

If you think this shooter in Orlando was a lone nut, acting out of some sort of mental disorder…you need to wake up.  What he did was encouraged, condoned, and advocated for prior to the act.

Watch this video…and become aware of who you are dealing with.

Imam says to kill gays out of compassion



Religion is a Farce

I awoke this morning to find two things.

1) Some moron in SC walked into a “predominantly black church” and opened fire.  The race industry got a new fundraising platform, black racists got a new cause du jour, and white people all over the country will have to say, “Some of my best friends are black” constantly for a week or so.

2) A friend posted a note supposedly written by a Christian telling a person with rainbow lighting in their yard that the “relentlessly gay” lights were a problem.  My friend and her friends expressed an appropriate amount of outrage at this slight.

I do not wish to focus on the deaths in SC or the bigotry in the note.  More than enough people will grasp at these obvious issues and write what they consider profound thoughts on those two matters.  They will publish these thoughts to the internet where it is at least possible that some temporary notice will be taken.  Their like minded friends will pat them on the back for bleating at the appropriate time and in the appropriate tone, and then all will go back to munching grass until something kills them.

No, what I wish to focus on is how incredulous I am at how incredulous other people are, and the abject failure of the Earth’s inhabitants to recognize facts displayed to them in living color and high definition on a daily basis.

First of all, people seem  unable to understand how religious people can be so intolerant.  This is perplexing to me.

Sure, you can pull out examples of good people from many, if not all, of the world’s religions.  But for every Mother Theresa or Billy Graham, there are hundreds, thousands, perhaps millions of bigoted, hateful, evil assholes perfectly willing to kill people in the name of God.  Religion has been responsible for more death, cruelty, and bigotry than any other factor in the history of the world.  In fact, more people have died at the hands of others because of who they believe or do not believe God is, than for any other reason.

So why on earth would any thinking, rational human being be surprised that a “Christian” would hate on someone because they are gay?  And why would those same people be unwilling to state publicly that if that gay man were living in Saudi Arabia or Iran he’d have gotten far more than an impolitely worded letter?

Religion does not exist to spread love.  I don’t care what your particular prophet says in your particular holy book.  The fact is, your God’s followers (no matter who your God is) hate someone, for something.  It’s the nature of the beast.  It’s the same formula that has been used in every arena since recorded time began.  Choose a group of people you wish to control.  Chose a different group of people to blame the first group of people’s problems on.  Propose to resolve the first group’s problems by persecuting the second group.  Viola!  Hitler, Stalin, Mao, The Pope, the leaders of every Islamic state… all guilty of the same damn thing.

A small group of people controls a large group of people.  This is true in religion as it is in politics.  It is the nature of men in power to seek more power, and the nature of followers to yield more power to leaders.  This is how the world works…wake up!

Worse than this however, is the complete idiocy that is “belief” in the first place.

Some guy stands in some desert talking on a Youtube video about how he and his fellows will destroy the west “God willing”…and then a missile turns him into debris.  Because his God is not stronger than the United States Air Force.  A bunch of people go in to a church to pray, a gunman enters and kills nine of them…because their God is not more powerful than a handgun.  Wake up!

You are walking around mumbling to invisible people.  In modern western culture we call that “mental illness”.

You are espousing the same beliefs you laugh at.  The ancient Greeks and Romans also believed in people in the sky that controlled everything.  You believe they were a bunch of ignorant dupes, espousing fairy tales and folklore.  But if you’re a Christian you walk around talking about a Jewish carpenter you’ve never met, from 2,000 years ago, based on a book you read.  And you think the people who do not believe in your invisible friend are the ones with a problem.

If you’re a Muslim of the extreme sort you believe that your prophet is so frail that he needs you to kill people who draw his likeness.  Yet you pray for a God to help you, when your God clearly needs you to help him.  This makes sense to someone?

The further back I step from these belief systems, the more clearly I see how foolish they are.

People all over the world are killing each other in the name of God, while useful idiots all over the world are calling for peace…in the name of God.  Meanwhile, those same useful idiots believe that those who actually practice the letter of the law with regard to their faith are “extremists” and the apostate masses are the “good (insert religion here)”.  So if you’re a Muslim who believes in Jihad, or a Christian who thinks God doesn’t like homosexuality, you’re a nut job.  Even though that’s what’s in the book.  But if you’re a wishy-washy, blow in the wind, go along-get along type of believer, then you’re a good example of what we should all be.

Let’s do what we should have done a long time ago.  Cast off the chains of fear and superstition.  Stop following the guidance of inaudible, invisible, make-believe friends, and start living in a logical, thoughtful manner.

Fuck loving each other.  Man is not programmed to do that.  How about simply respecting each other, and acting like what we are.  A mammal.  Slightly more advanced than all the other mammals.  And instead of taking lessons from some bullshit holy book, take lessons from the world around us.

You don’t see too many dolphins persecuting each other over their religious beliefs…or killing each other for $10 for that matter.

For those inclined to pray for me, or try to “witness” to me, let me save you some trouble.  Don’t come to me with emotional stories full of personal experiences where your invisible friend made some difference in your life.  I have a Smith and Wesson .40 caliber pistol.  When you serve a God that can stop a bullet, I’ll hear you out.