Not My President

I’ve seen this expression on signs and all over social media.  Various people, upset at the election of Donald Trump, have taken to stating that he is not their President.  I may touch on the obvious fallacy in this statement, but that is not my purpose in writing this morning.  This Monday after the Inauguration my purpose is to discuss the distinct differences between the right and the left.

First, the most obvious.  I do not think that in my entire lifetime there has ever been a riot started by or participated in by White Republicans.  If someone out there can document one, I will stand corrected.  But it is my belief that at no point in time have white Republicans decided that the method by which they should express their dissatisfaction assaulting police officers, and destroying property.

Second, I am fairly certain that no right wing organization has banned or punished members for holding different views.  Meanwhile Hollywood, the media, and various left leaning organizations are disparaging, threatening, and boycotting people like Steve Harvey for engaging with Donald Trump or performing at the inauguration.

Trump and Republicans are routinely criticized for dividing the nation by race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.  But it is clearly the left that practices identity politics.  Take for example the “Women’s March”.  Self described feminists who hold a pro-life position were specifically told they were not welcome to participate.  As if believing in the preservation of life strips one of their identity as a woman.

In reality, since it is the left that pushes the notion that there is no such thing as gender to begin with, and that a person is whatever they identify as, it strikes me as odd that they would even have a “Women’s March”.

The simple, demonstrable, inarguable fact is that it is the Democrats and their supporters who practice intolerance, bigotry, and racism.

The actual definition of tolerance is putting up with things you don’t like.  Republicans do that every day.  We are by and large, and as a matter of policy, generally content to let people live their lives.  And we genuinely believe in, and practice, freedom of speech.  The left does not.

As a member of the left you are not free to speak your mind, or deviate in any way from the party line.  If you do you will be shouted down, ostracized, and in some instances physically assaulted.  These things simply do not happen at right wing events, rallies, protests, etc.  As an example, it has now been documented that the violence at Trump rallies during the campaign was instigated, and orchestrated, by organized left wing groups.

The simple fact is that the left is actually guilty of all the things they claim the right is guilty of.  This can be proven through their own statements in writing and on video.

It is my hope that our new President will transcend all of the pettiness and BS, and actually move forward in a manner that will benefit all of us.  In fact, I am certain that whatever he does will be intended to benefit all of us.  Why?  Because Republicans see people as Americans, it is Democrats that see people as hyphenated Americans.

Bottom line snowflake…he is YOUR President, and he will be for at least the next 4 years.  So put your clothes back on, put the signs away, stop littering, rioting, and making fools of yourself in public…and let’s get about the business that should be at the top of EVERY American’s priority list.

Making America Great Again!



An Answer for EmmaLeigh

Some time ago my daughter asked me what the difference was between liberals and conservatives.  At the time I didn’t really feel like I had an answer I could verbalize, though I certainly felt like I knew the difference.  In the wake of the death of Justice Scalia I have been thinking a lot about the direction of this nation, and it’s possible direction if the current President manages to get a liberal loon on the court.  So EmmaLeigh, here is your answer.

Let me start by saying that sarcasm is my manner of speech.  This post will be no different.  If that offends anyone who reads it, let me say up front…I don’t care.  I’m 45 not 25.  I don’t give a shit about your feelings.

Let me add that everything I will write here is from direct observation, direct contact, and personal conversations.  I am not quoting Rush Limbaugh, or Fox News, or any of the other things people might say.  Liberals actually are crazy, so many of the points of view expressed will not make sense to a normal person.  But, people with working brains are becoming a smaller and smaller segment of our population anyway…so what the hell.

So Em, let me first start by helping you to identify a liberal.  Meet Obama Girl.  She believed that the election of Obama meant she wouldn’t have to worry about putting gas in her car or paying her mortgage.  This is the first sign that you are speaking to a liberal.  They believe that the United States Government exists to give them money.

The term “liberal” is generally regarded as meaning “Democrat”.  But the actual truth is that while “liberal” does cover all Democrats it also covers somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 of the Republican Party as well.  At least in terms of social programs, which is pretty much the defining issue that separates the two.

You see, conservatives believe in equal opportunity.  Level the playing field and let the chips fall where they may.  We believe in a safety net for those who have fallen into desperate circumstances.  We believe in a hand up.  We believe it is best to teach a man to fish rather than give him one.

Liberals on the other hand, believe in equality of outcome.  They believe that if I have $10 and you have $0, then I owe you $5.  They believe that the playing field is not, never has been, and never will be, level.  They believe the “safety net” should be about 3 inches below your feet.  They believe in hand outs, welfare, and the “give a man a fish” method, which leads to generational dependence.  Why?  Because when you provide everything a group of people needs, those people will continue to vote for you.  This is the actual reason for the Democrats insisting on amnesty for illegals, because it opens “a path to citizenship”, which allows for voting…which adds more Democrats to the voter registration rolls.

Liberals will frequently refer to conservatives as racists.  Interestingly, I am 45 years old…and I have been white most (if not all) of my life.  I’m what you might call a redneck, biker type of guy.  I shoot guns, drink beer, ride Harleys, and occasionally raise hell.  Yet the most racist people I know…are all black.  Every single one of them in fact.  And statistically speaking, if you are talking to a black person you are talking to a Democrat.

Liberals believe that conservatives are waging a “war on women”.  Primarily due to the generally accepted conservative position on abortion.  Interestingly, these people do not care about the “war on children” which has resulted in 50,000,000+ children being aborted since Roe v Wade.  And the deluded black person that votes Democrat, doesn’t seem to get that the highest percentage of those abortions is taking place in their community.  Which is in keeping with the mission statement of Planned Parenthood, as it was founded by Margaret Sanger for the purpose of controlling the black population.  But hey…I’m the racist… lol

Liberals believe that if you would like the border of your nation to be secure; if you would like only people who are eligible to vote, to vote; and if you don’t believe America should be invaded by third world countries and eventually turned into one; then you are a racist and a xenophobe that hates people from other countries.

Liberals believe that personal failure is someone else’s fault, and that the government should step in to save you.  Generally speaking this is done with money confiscated at gun point from productive people.  Liberals do not believe in personal responsibility, parental guidance, discipline, or basically any other commonly accepted manner of achieving success.  In fact, liberals hate success.

The light of one person’s success shines on another person’s failure.  This is unfair.  However, rather than seek to make the unsuccessful person successful, liberals seek to punish the success of the person who succeeded, confiscate his wealth, and give it to the person who failed.  Of course that person failed because they are not equipped to succeed, and so they fail again.  Which perpetuates the cycle.  Which is exactly what the liberals want to have happen.

Find someone you know who is “on the system”.  Welfare, food stamps, Section 8, etc.  Ask that person what programs are in place to get them off the system.  You may be surprised to learn that the answer is…none.  If they make a dollar, attend a class, take on a room mate, or do anything else in an effort to rise up from their position, their benefits will be cut.  Because the purpose and design is not to elevate people, it is to perpetuate the misery.  Because after all…if no one was on welfare, where would welfare workers work?

Essentially it boils down to this.  If you hear someone saying something completely stupid, the more stupid the statement the more likely a liberal is speaking.  If you hear someone railing against the rich, from the tarmac while standing beside their private jet…that’s a liberal.  If you hear a Congressman ask whether stationing more troops on Guam is a good idea as the island might tip over…that’s a liberal.  If you hear someone rant against any activity while simultaneously engaging in said activity…that’s a liberal.

Bottom line answer…

Conservatives believe in a Representative Republic; self determination; the rule of law; the sovereignty of the citizen; limited government.  Liberals believe in European Socialism.  Whether it’s Eastern European or Western European depends on the liberal.

So basically, conservatives want to conserve the things that made America the greatest nation in the history of the world.  Liberals want to right all the wrongs, and create equality by implementing Socialism.  Which, of course, has never worked in the history of the world.  But, they have destroyed the education system (intentionally) and thus the public has no knowledge of any of this.

If for some reason you believe I am exaggerating, ask yourself this question:  College isn’t free.  Someone has to pay the teachers, keep the lights on, cut the grass, etc.  So where is the money coming from to pay for the “free college” that Bernie Sanders is promoting as we speak?  (Hint: your pocket)  They call it a “tax on Wall Street”.  And when they say “Wall Street” you think of various movies you’ve seen with fat cats in limos and stuff.  But let me turn “Wall Street” into what it actually is.  Your 401k plan.  Your IRA.  Your pension.  Your investments.  Your 403B.  In other words…ALL the money the middle class has saved or invested…that’s “Wall Street”.

You’ll have to decide how you feel about that.







An Evolution of Thought

I know before I start that I am getting ready to write something which could alienate me from various groups I am associated with.  The upside is, I am only associated with those groups by other people.  In other words, other people believe I am a member of, or “belong in”, certain groups based on their perception of who I am.  But, who I am changes.

I do not come to a conclusion and sit on it for the rest of my life.  Like the bumper sticker that says, “Jesus said it.  I believe it.  That settles it.”  Yeah… I don’t live like that.  Nothing is ever settled except laws of nature.  Gravity, for me, is settled.  Religion, politics, party affiliation, racial stereotypes, and all the other neat little categories people place people in, are irrelevant to me.  I don’t believe or disbelieve anything simply because it is generally accepted, or popular, or convenient.  I seek truth; even inconvenient truth.  This is why I changed my religious beliefs, and it’s why I am changing my thoughts on recent military actions.

Actually, it would be more correct to say that I am changing my thoughts on the propaganda campaign.

Let me say first that like any patriotic American, I support the troops.  But, I don’t support the troops simply by placing bumper stickers on my car or wearing a tee-shirt.  I support the troops by waking up at 3:50 a.m. 5 days a week and going to work as a contractor at the Dept. of the Army.  In fact, I have spent the last 8 years supporting the troops or the nation in some form or another in the Intel Community, or as a civilian contractor working for the military.

I support the troops in that I understand that these are brave men and women (for the most part), doing a difficult job at the behest of politicians; many of whom have no prior service or understanding of the undertakings they ask these men and women to perform.

I support the troops in that I believe when anyone has put their lives on the line in service to the nation they deserve all the physical, mental and emotional support we can offer to overcome the condition in which some of them return.

All of that said, I am growing weary of the bullshit we lay down with regard to the troops.

Let’s start with Lee Greenwood.  “I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free.  And I won’t forget the men who died to give that right to me.”  Well… let’s think about that for a moment.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

As we can see, “liberty” or “freedom” as Mr. Greenwood refers to it, is an inalienable right granted us by virtue of our existence, by the being responsible for our existence.  No man died to give us that right.  Some men did die to ensure we had the opportunity to freely exercise it.  Those men died in the Revolutionary War.  No one went to Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Panama, Libya, Germany, or any other place on this planet to defend my freedom.  My freedom does not exist in Iraq, as I am not a citizen of Iraq.  My freedom exists in America, where no foreign invader has ever waged war since our founding.  Therefore, no United States military operation has EVER been in defense of our freedom.

So stop with the bullshit about how our troops are defending freedom!

Our troops are attempting to institute freedom in places where it did not or does not exist, and that is a laudable goal.  But they are not defending or protecting the freedom of United States citizens in the conflicts we have engaged in over the past century.

“You were there for us, we’ll be there for you.”  Utter bullshit!

As I stated, we should be there for them because it is the right thing to do for people who have gone to war at the behest of their nation’s leaders.  But the truth is, “we” did not send our troops to war, our Presidents did.  They were not “there for us” in the strict sense of the phrase.  They went where they were ordered to go, which is a soldier’s job.  The engaged and killed the enemy, which is a soldier’s job.  And they did so on the orders of two men.  The majority of us would have preferred to keep our young men and women at home.  Especially in light of the fact that we have now pulled out and Islamic extremists have taken over the places so many brave men and women bled and died for in Iraq and Afghanistan.  So our feckless leaders have made their sacrifices meaningless.

Our politicians pay lip service to our armed forces, as has been true since at least Roman times.  Then they allow things like the VA scandal to take place.  They cut benefits and housing allowances.  They give grandiose speeches about patriotism, honor and sacrifice; then they undermine the nation, national security, and even the well-being of the very men they just praised.

Military charities have sprung up all over the American landscape, demonstrating the simple truth that our government does not take adequate care of the men and women they send in to harm’s way.

So much of our public discourse these days is propaganda.  It’s all smoke and mirrors, designed to divide us, mollify us, neutralize and distract us, and keep our eyes on the beautiful assistant rather than the magician’s hands.

Loving and honoring our brave men and women in uniform involves being honest.  Like when a soldier jumps up on a desk hollering “Allahu Akbar!” and opens fire on other soldiers… that’s the act of an Islamic terrorist, not an instance of workplace violence.

It involves voting after gathering all available information, and standing by your vote.  Not waffling, equivocating, and denying things that are a matter of public record because of public sentiment.  There is something more important than a politician’s image, and that is the lives of the military men and women they send in to harm’s way.

Loving, honoring and respecting our troops means not separating them from their friends and family, and subjecting them to combat from which many return with horrifying injuries, unless it is absolutely necessary.  When it has been determined that it is absolutely necessary, then it involves giving them the tools, and the tactics, they require to win the war and return home.

These meaningless words spoken by privileged men in the halls of power as they send young men off to die in their stead, for reasons they will later deny when it is politically convenient, ring hollow.  So too the tee-shirts and bumper stickers, designed to create within the populace the feeling that supporting the troops means supporting the war.

I support the troops.  I want them to wake up next to their wives and children every morning.  I want them to go to Christmas at grandpa’s house.  I want them to visit with their parents and play ball with their kids.

I want them to put on their combat gear and pick up their weapons when the true security of the United States is at stake.  When they do, I want them to unleash hell on our enemy and utterly eradicate them until there is no further threat.

This is how the United States used to be, before WWII.  Before war became a business.  Before soldiers became pawns in a grand political chess game.  Back when our soldiers fought to preserve the freedom of the European nations from which we came, or in response to an attack on the United States.

Now they ride around from town to town, getting blown up, crippled, maimed, disfigured, and killed in an endless cycle of violence, attempting to bring freedom to a people who are themselves unable or unwilling to fight for or preserve their own freedom.  Fighting under rules of engagement that prevent their success.  Leaving before the job is done, allowing the enemy to reclaim the places our soldiers died to take.

Singing songs and buying bumper stickers and tee-shirts is a pointless exercise, the purpose of which is to make you feel good.

If you really want to support the troops, vote for responsible leadership.