My Changing Perspective

There are moments in life, or at least in my life, where I come to sudden realizations.  Epiphanies they call them.  But there are also slow, inexorable, seemingly decades long processes where I confirm what I suspected at the start.  I don’t know if I can put my finger on the moment when that confirmation became a reality.  But, I suspect I am in, or near, one of those moments as I type this.

I spent a good portion of my life pretty well broke.  I can still recall when my children were little and I had separated from their mother.  I was living in a rent-controlled studio apartment on the wrong side of town.  Driving a vehicle graciously given to me by my former father-in-law.  One day in particular stands out.  My kids asked me to take them to the park, and I had to tell them that I didn’t have gas money for a ride to the park.

Broke!  Like, for real!

Which is why I develop a special level of anger at people who assume that because I am white and/or male, that I do not understand the plight of the poor.  As if you have to be minority in order to have no money.  Let me state for the record…I understand the plight of the poor.  I live every day with the knowledge that if I were to lose the access I have to the facilities I work in, I’d be right back in that same boat.

Anyway, Lose Yourself by Eminem came out and the third verse really stuck in my head.  I decided that I had to formulate a plot…or end up in jail or shot…

In any event, some 12 years ago (or thereabouts) I began to aggressively pursue success.  First through a contact of my then girlfriend (now wife), and then through other contacts made as time went on, I found myself in increasingly better paying jobs.

I did some telecom work for a while.  8 hours a day standing on a ladder, pulling wire over my head.  I walk around with messed up shoulders (they tell me it’s arthritis) nowadays as a result (IMHO) of that experience.

Then I got a security clearance and began a series of jobs.  Some were physical, some were technical, but each time I took on a new position I got a raise in pay.  When you’re dead broke a raise in pay is pretty much all you care about.

Eventually Bev and I got married.  Between the two of us the money going into the checking account went up about 10x.  I went from telling my kids I could not take them to the park, to sending my oldest to London as part of her senior class.  It truly warmed my heart to be able to provide things for my kids, and I regarded this as my highest calling (aside, of course, from teaching them to be decent people).

When I was sitting around watching paint dry for a living (yes, really) I kept thinking (and saying) that I was meant to do more.  When I worked Helpdesk, when I filled a small IA role, when I did Requirements work…I kept thinking and saying that I was capable of more.  I even wrote a number of blog entries right here about how life has to be about more than just trudging to work to pay the bills.

Oh yeah…the bills.  For those who do not know, or have only walked on one side of the street, let me take a moment to tell you about the bills.

When you’re broke…and I mean gas money broke…you “shop”.  You find deals on things like food and toilet paper.  You try to make sure you have enough money left over to pay for internet access or cable tv…because after all, there has to be something to do on the weekends.  You accept gifts and donations from friends and family.  You buy books on how to fix things, rather than pay someone to fix them.

When you cross over to where I am now (my eldest still recalls me telling someone that I make enough money to pay someone to punch them in the face), life is different.  My wife, having never really lost her low income mindset, still calls me to say that she wants to get her nails done.  I always reply with, “Do whatever you want.  I don’t care.”

These days I do things like spend a grand a month adding ink to my arms.  I wake up and decide I want a Harley, and that afternoon I ride home on my Harley.  One of my daughters asks for something…and they get it.  In short, I am now living the life I imagined I wanted back when I couldn’t afford to drive to the park.  And don’t get me wrong, this is not one of those posts about how money cannot buy happiness.  It absolutely can!

When I am sitting at the winery enjoying a good time with my friends…that’s happiness.  When I am riding down the road with the wind in my face on the Harley I wanted since I was a kid…that’s happiness.  When my daughter gets to see the world, and do things that other kids don’t get to do, and she hugs me and says “thank you daddy!”…that’s happiness.  All sponsored by money.

No, this post is about the constant drive to do more, learn more, and earn more.  It’s about the fact that when you are always on the bleeding edge…it’s you that does the bleeding.  It’s about the thought that maybe I have reached a comfortable place…and then I took one more step…and maybe I should take a step back.

It’s about thinking that maybe a nice, boring, 40 hour a week, do it in my sleep, no certs or training required, type job might not be a bad thing.  I had one of those a few weeks ago, and I moved on to where I am now sitting.  Because I wanted to do something meaningful and “important”.  I wanted to work in “security”.  Cyber security to be exact.  So here I am.

I haven’t been here long enough to really form an informed opinion.  I will give it some time before I really make any important decisions.  I am simply writing this because for the first time I can recall in my life, I have moved on from one place to another, taken a step ahead in pay and responsibility…and thought that maybe I made a mistake.

There are a lot of reasons why this thought has crept into my mind, but I won’t bore you with the details until I see how things pan out.

Time will tell.  When it does…so will I.




Stop Talking

Have you ever run into someone who feels the need to speak every time they walk by?  I’m not just talking about the guy who says your name a little louder than needed each time you pass them in the hallway.  I’m not even talking about the guy, obviously raised by a single mom, who doesn’t understand urinal etiquette and asks, “How’s it going” while you’re both standing there.  I’m talking about the guy who walks up to your desk and starts a conversation about absolutely nothing.

In my case it is a guy I report to.  As it stands right now, while the project is staffing up, I am the only person who reports to him.  As such, in just under three days, we have apparently become old friends.

He stops by my desk with a notepad and pen in hand and says, “Questions for me?”  Apparently unaware that if I had any questions I would have come to his desk and asked them.  Interestingly, when I do go to his desk with a question there is generally no good answer forthcoming.  That’s what I do… I ask the questions you don’t have the answers for.

In any event, he has become fascinated with the various aspects of my life.

I have always been something of a conundrum to the majority of the people I work with.  Though to be fair there are usually one or two people at every workplace who get me.  This guy is not one of those people.  But man he sure is trying!

As I have said on several occasions, I am a defense contractor.  I spend much of my time surrounded by people in various stages of business attire.  From time to time a few of them whip out their Master’s degrees to see whose is bigger.  There are lots of shiny shoes…and shiny cars.

I report to work in jeans and a polo.  I am well into the process of getting full sleeves done on both arms.  My definition of “the mission” is to feed my kids and pay the mortgage.  What I do is not my life, it’s the means by which I finance my life.

This guy seems like he wants to get it, but the goofy smile tells me he does not in fact get it.

It appears that to him I am simply a combination of caricatures or things he has seen on TV.  With regard to my tattoos for instance, upon learning that I have quite a bit of ink his response was, “Freakin’ Navy guys.”  I have never served…

I mentioned an expression we in the gaming community use, and his reply was, “Gaming community?  Are you a WoW’er?”  Like everyone who plays games plays WoW.  Or more to the point, WoW is the only game he is familiar with.

Yesterday he came up to my desk and asked me if I have written any SOP’s yet.  We are three guys sitting in an Ops Center that is not operational yet.  The other two guys are the Op Center Lead and the CND Lead.  I was brought on in an entry level capacity.  My purpose in being here is to learn the tools and skills, and gain the experience, to continue on a Security track during the remainder of my career.  In other words, I’m here to learn.  But he wants to know if I’ve written any SOP’s yet…

I left a position in property management  to come here.  At the moment of my departure I had no interest in continuing in that capacity.  Security has always been of interest to me.  Property accountability and management has never been of interest to me.  But I have to say, this morning I really started thinking about that position.

Having to chase technical certifications every year and dealing with high stress, high consequence situations, may not be as much fun as I imagined.  I will have to give that more thought.  But there is one thing about which I am certain.  Two actually..

  1. I do not like when people who do not know me talk to me like they do know me.  It’s presumptuous and irritating.
  2. The people that I work with are the largest contributor to whether or not I enjoy my job.  They create the environment.  They make the day go faster…or slower.  So if this guy doesn’t stop talking, we’re going to have a problem.







Cops and Bullets

This morning I am compelled by the events of the day to comment on the evolving situation regarding the police and our society.  In the past couple of days there have been shootings by police officers, and shootings of police officers.  Naturally, social media is ablaze with all manner of opinions and thoughts.  Many of my friends and people I respect are posting short little opinion pieces or memes.  I think the matter deserves a more in depth discussion, so I am going to attempt that here.

First let me qualify what I am going to say with a little bit of info about myself.  I am white, middle aged, upper middle class, and I have never committed a crime of any type in my adult life.  I have interacted with the police on a very limited basis (usually traffic related offenses), and all of those interactions have been resolved without anger, violence, or bloodshed.

Much of the discussion today revolves around the race of the victims of police violence.  I will leave that discussion to the people who seek to categorize every event by race.  It is not my desire or intent to discuss statistics, profiling, racial disparity, etc.  I want to talk about something far simpler and easier to understand.  Equal protection under the law.

There is a perception in the general public that the police are above the law.  All the way from being let off on parking and speeding tickets, to being let go while DUI, to being able to shoot citizens with the virtual certainty that absolutely no punishment will result.  It has gotten to the point now that there are memes on the internet about it.  If you want to take paid vacation as a regular citizen you have to accumulate PTO.  If a cop wants a couple weeks off with pay…just shoot somebody.  Right or wrong, fair or not, this perception exists.

Friends of mine post memes, shared from police groups, stating that if we would simply stop resisting arrest people would stop getting shot.  This is utter bullshit.  The simple fact is that if one or more individuals approached you on the street and began assaulting you, you would have the natural right to defend yourself.  This fact does not change because someone put shiny little badges on the people assaulting you.

The police enforce the law, they are not THE LAW.  As citizens of the United States we have constitutional protections against unreasonable search and seizure, and various other law enforcement activities.  This is because our founders recognized (through experience) the dangers of a corrupt justice system serving at the behest of the heads of state.  The police being the first group of people brought to bear against the citizenry in a tyranny.

Let me illustrate my point with a somewhat unlikely, but not impossible, example.  For those of you who say we should just obey the police.  My purpose being, to demonstrate that blanket statements are not applicable in all circumstances.

So, we should just follow orders and we’ll all be safe…right?  Let us imagine for a moment that you get pulled over on some dark country road late at night and the police orders your wife to exit the vehicle and perform oral sex on him on the side of the road.  Should she follow that order?  Would you sit calmly, and explain to her that he’s the police and she should do as she’s told?  I think not.  What if she declined and he began assaulting her?  Would you “resist” then?  And if he shot you while you were resisting, would he be justified in doing so?

What if he says, “Give me $200 and I’ll forget why I pulled you over”?  Are you going to obey that order?  No?  Why not?

The simple fact is, unarmed people of all races are routinely shot, assaulted, battered, and the victims of various other crimes, at the hands of the police every day.  Legally armed people are also shot.  One cop hollers “gun!” and all hell breaks loose.  In spite of the fact that owning a gun in the United States is not a crime, and neither is carrying it (subject to state and local regulations).

In recent years videos have popped up of various incidents of this type.  A cop in a median beating the shit out of a homeless woman; 6 cops beating Kelly Thomas to death in the middle of the street; people pinned to the ground and shot in the back; cops stomping on the heads of prone and handcuffed suspects.  The list goes on and on.

When we live in a society where one citizen can assault, maim, or kill another citizen and all he or she has to do is mutter some magic words, “I feared for my safety”, and all the charges disappear….that’s a problem.  When the system not only fails to prosecute but actively seeks to obfuscate the facts and protect the offenders, it is understandable that the citizenry themselves will decide to address the situation.

I am not advocating for violence against the police, or for any form of unlawful behavior.  I am simply stating what I believe to be an obvious fact.  The police are public servants, and we are the public.  We want law enforcement, not the Gestapo.  We want reasonable, rational, police officers to enforce our society’s laws.  Not bullies with badges and guns running around thinking they are above our society’s laws.  Plain and simple.

Yes, I know the majority of cops are good people doing a tough job.  But the simple fact is that many of them are not.  Many of them are bad people, on a power trip, and using the “tough job” as an excuse.  As long as “The Blue Wall of Silence” exists; as long as “good cops” protect bad cops; this mistrust of the police will continue.

If you want your police department to have good relations with the community it serves, start by policing the police.

If you really want to understand the issue, and in particular where the people with race based arguments are coming from, you can start by watching this video.  Because for many of our fellow citizens, this is what happens when you call the cops.

Ask yourself this question.  If you, as an average citizen, did any of the things portrayed in this video, would you be charged with a crime?  If the answer is yes, then shouldn’t the police officers in these videos be charged with crimes?  Badges don’t grant extra rights.

All that said, the cowardly acts committed in Dallas are not “justice”.  Individual cops, performing individual illegals acts, should face individual charges and be tried as individuals.  Opening fire on any random cop on the street is an act of hate, not justice.  And my post is about justice, not revenge.


Snakes Eating Their Tails

This is an interesting time to be alive.  It can be a frustrating time as well, but it’s interesting to be sure.

This morning I pulled up Yahoo! to look at my email and saw a story about a new Disney movie featuring a male Polynesian that is depicted as a “plus-sized” individual.  Needless to say, the internet is in an uproar.  But, what is funny to me about this situation is that the maniac liberals are busily eating their own.

We have received conflicting messages for years now.  We’ve been told that obesity and its’ attendant complications (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.) are an epidemic.  We’ve also been told that “fat shaming” is abhorrent, and that “plus-sized” people should be celebrated, accepted, and welcomed.  So now a “plus-sized” Disney character comes along and Polynesians are upset at the depiction of their culture…while other people are upset that they find fat people upsetting.

We have gone so far down the road of political correctness that even the proponents of political correctness are no longer able to identify the rules.  Such was the case when gay people were killed by a Muslim in Orlando.

All I can do at this point is sit back and laugh.  Or cry…

We are blasting down the road to ruin at warp speed.  The ease of interaction that the internet affords is hastening our demise.  Mr. Orwell looks more and more like a prophet with each passing day, as our world transforms into a caricature of 1984.

The only consolation I have as I watch this process is that those who initiated it will be its’ first victims.  But the rest of us will follow…

Orlando, Islam, and Gun Control

Where to begin…

For the record, I am not a member of the gay community.  I won’t even offer the platitude that “some of my best friends are gay”.  None of my best friends are gay.  In truth, that has nothing to do with anything pertaining to this discussion.  The sexual orientation of the Orlando victims is only of importance to two groups.  The practitioners of “the religion of peace”, who believe homosexuality is a crime worthy of capital punishment, and the gay community.  To all the rest of us it’s much simpler.  A religious nut killed innocent people.  Period.

First off I’d like to address this national delusion we appear to be suffering from.  The position this gunman held is not “radical” Islam.  In places like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia, the death penalty for the “sin” of homosexuality is *the law*.  It’s the position of THE STATE.  Hardly indicative of a small, extreme, fringe group.  So the fact of the matter is that while the *apostate* Islamist community doesn’t have any particular desire to kill people, the faithful practitioners of Islam believe it is their duty.  I suggest you take a look at the following link for a more clear understanding.

We have sat on our couches, eating our microwave pizzas and watching the news for years, and seen stories of gay men being thrown from rooftops in the middle east.  We shake our heads and ask ourselves, “What’s wrong with people?”  Somehow, we have never given thought to the fact that as we continue to import people who share this belief system, we will import the violence and hate intrinsically linked to it.  So we are importing Islamists from the middle east, and we are importing the violence and mayhem endemic to the middle east.  It’s seems pretty intuitive, yet a large segment of our society does not get it.

With regard to the gun control issue, I do not understand how plainly spoken, clear, English can be so utterly misunderstood.  I know before I speak I will not be heard.  Nevertheless, I will speak anyway.

I am a gun owner.  I am an AR-15 owner.  I do not support the issuance of weapons to felons.  I do not support the ability of anyone to purchase a firearm without a background check.  I do not support loopholes, or any other manner of circumventing the verification that a person who wishes to purchase a gun legally has the legal right to do so.  All that said…

A person who wishes to commit murder is not going to be stopped by a law banning the type of weapon he or she wishes to use.  If banning a product made it hard or impossible to obtain the war on drugs would have been a smashing success.  Clearly it has not been.

People have said that rifles like mine are weapons of war and have no place on the streets of America.  Yet those same people support local and state police departments having those weapons.  Why is that?  Are we empowering and/or inviting the police to bring “war” to the streets of our cities?  Do they need those weapons to confront the criminal element?  If so, does it not follow that the citizenry who must confront the criminal element prior to the arrival of the police also needs those weapons?

Of greater importance, and worthy of long and deep consideration, is the lesson that history has taught us.  We have shining examples all around us of what happens when the government is armed and the citizens are not.  Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Communist Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico…the list goes on.

So when you say “no one needs an assault rifle”, I reply that so long as the people who make the laws and enforce them are armed with these weapons, I will be too.  Because a people unable, or unwilling, to protect their own liberty from those who wish to take it, will not long have it.  This is not my opinion, it’s a historical fact.

So rather than attempt to ban a weapon that has sat in my closet for 5 years and harmed no one, let us work to remove the actual threat.  That being, the people behind the weapons who wish harm upon innocents.  Especially those who do harm to others because they believe God wills it.

If you banned every gun in existence you still would not solve the problem.  Criminals would still have guns.  Law-abiding citizens would be utterly defenseless.  Terrorists would use car bombs, IED’s, chemical and biological weapons, airplanes….  What must be done to solve this problem (this specific problem) is that every living soul who believes it is acceptable to kill another human being based on the words written in a book (any book), must be removed from the realm of the living.

I am not advocating hate toward Islam or people of the Muslim faith.  I am advocating understanding the mindset of people coming from strict Muslim societies, backgrounds, or upbringings.  I am advocating the incarceration, deportation, or even execution of people who preach hate and spread it to congregants.  And I am stating plainly that if you think you can import tens of thousands of people from a region where killing people over their views on God is just normal day-to-day business, without importing the violence…you’re crazy.

If you think this shooter in Orlando was a lone nut, acting out of some sort of mental disorder…you need to wake up.  What he did was encouraged, condoned, and advocated for prior to the act.

Watch this video…and become aware of who you are dealing with.

Imam says to kill gays out of compassion



The Truth, Without The PC Bullshit

Lately it has become fashionable to make all manner of statements on social media which “feel good”, but contain no basis in fact.  I have let these statements go for quite some time without responding, but I find myself unable to continue doing that.  There are some things people need to know for their own good, and it appears that it falls to me to explain them.

  1. “Any body is a beach body.”

No.  It’s really not.  Let’s be honest with ourselves here.  There is a reason you put on clean clothes.  There is a reason you put on deodorant.  There is a reason that you shower regularly (I hope).  The reasons for these things is that when you go out in public dirty and stinking, you offend other people and embarrass yourself.  Well guess what?  When you go out in public with your blubber hanging down to your knees in a freakin’ bikini…you offend other people and embarrass yourself.

Women have co-opted this issue.  For some reason they believe that it is perfectly acceptable to eat yourself into a state of morbid obesity, and then flaunt their lack of care for themselves in public.  Oddly, no one has posted any memes or opinion pieces on why a 400 pound man in a speedo is perfectly acceptable.  Know why?  Because it’s not!  Men have the good sense to know that.  Women apparently (at least some of them) do not.

In our victimhood society it has become fashionable to find whatever victimhood status you can, ascertain who the victimizer is, and then rally public support to coddle you and punish them.  So let me offer you this little tidbit.  The person victimizing you…is in your mirror every morning.

The fact that you smile a lot doesn’t make you happy, and the fact that you aren’t concerned about your weight doesn’t make you healthy.  Obesity is directly linked to high blood pressure, sleep apnea, diabetes, heart disease, and a host of other medical conditions.  If you can’t tie your own shoes, or even see your feet standing up…you’re not healthy.  Period.

The simple fact is that we are an animal.  We are not sexist, or heartless, or shallow because we seek out attractive mates.  This is the natural order of things.  All you need to do is watch birds preen and dance, or rhinos fight, or any other member of any other species do whatever it is they do to attract a mate.  If your brain works you’ll get it.  Your physical condition is an indication of your desirability with regard to passing on genetic material.  If you’re fat, weak, and sick…you’re not a good candidate.  Unfortunately mankind has circumvented nature’s design, and through browbeating, peer pressure, and the feminization of the male of the species, we have managed to turn it on its head.  So now fat, weak, sick people do in fact procreate.  And we give birth to more fat, weak, sick people.  Thus leading to a diabetes epidemic, a healthcare crisis, and the general weakening of our species as a whole.  Congratulations!

2) “The rich don’t pay income taxes, they pay a lower rate called capital gains taxes, and that’s not fair.”

Yes, in many instances this is true.  The problem is that the reason you are poor to begin with is that you a) Don’t understand how money works, or b) Make really stupid choices.  So, you fall for this line of crap without a second thought.

As Joe or Joana worker bee you have about 3 options for ever rising above your economic circumstances and becoming any sort of “wealthy”.  You can invent something.  You can start a business and grow it.  But for the vast majority the most likely solution is, you can invest your money.

Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, options, futures… these are all methods of making yourself more wealthy.  Now you may be thinking “that system is rigged too, and I’ll never make money in any of those markets.”  Let me offer to you that there is a difference between a system that is rigged, and a system that you cannot profitably participate in because you do not understand it.

When Facebook stock went public there were a whole bunch of instant millionaires at the company.  As you read this there are truck drivers riding around the country in Walmart trucks that are millionaires.  If you have a 401k plan, you are in the stock market.  If you own a home, you are invested in real estate.

Guess what?  When you realize a profit of any kind from any type of investment, you will pay capital gains tax.  So look at your 401k balance and ask yourself this question.  Do you want to pay the higher income tax rate or the lower capital gains tax rate on all that money?  Oh wait.  If you have a 401k then you have a job, and the good sense to plan for retirement.  So I’m probably not actually speaking to you in this post.

You know, greed is one of the seven deadly sins.  So is envy.  Stop worrying about what other people have or what other people pay, and start worrying about yourself.  The reason the vast majority of people who are rich, are rich…is because they got up and did things you are unwilling to do in order to make it.

Steve Jobs changed the world.  Meanwhile, you can barely muster the energy to mow the lawn.  But you’re going to sit on your couch, drinking your six pack, scratching off instant lottery tickets, watching MSNBC, and bitching about how the system is designed to keep you down?  If you want money like Steve Jobs had, do something like Steve Jobs did.

And recognize this.  There will always be rich people, and there will always be poor people.  Those same folks you complain about controlling the majority of the wealth also pay the majority of the taxes.  That’s a fact.  Your piddly ass $20k salary isn’t providing the taxes to pave any roads or buy any fire trucks.  Wake up!

Try saving some money.  Try asking yourself where you want to be in 5 years and putting a plan together to get there.  Try doing SOMETHING other than bitching about the things you don’t have.  Because here is the plain and simple truth.  If the government suddenly took every dollar Bill gates has…you wouldn’t get a dime of it.  Your life wouldn’t change in any way.

The only person that can change your life is you.  And the real bitter truth is, aside from a few loony toons running around giving out free hugs and shit…no one else cares.  So if there’s a problem, solve it.  Sitting around whining isn’t going to fix it.  And raising taxes on “the wealthy” just makes it harder for someone who is not wealthy to become wealthy.  (Hint: That someone, is you).


Where We Stand

I recently had a discussion on Facebook (it seems I do that a lot) with a friend of mine that refers to himself as a single-issue voter.  That single issue happens to be abortion.  In light of the results of “Super Tuesday”, and comments made in that discussion, I was moved to write out my thoughts on the matter.

First let me qualify a few things.

  1. I have deep respect for Dave.  He’s a religious guy, but he’s not your “typical” religious guy (and I know a little about that, which I’ll get to in a minute).  Dave asks questions, he listens to the answers, and he has never once taken the “Thus sayeth the Lord” approach with me.  Which is both refreshing and interesting given that I am what the church would call a backslidden, apostate.
  2. I myself, like Dave, am the son of a (former) Pastor.  Though I suspect Dave’s father is a bit more of a good moral example than mine was.  I’ve never met or spoken to the man, but you can tell a lot about a parent by looking at their children (though obviously that’s not always the case).  Dave’s dad raised a fine, upstanding, respectable individual.
  3. I am a life-long conservative, and I vote Republican.  I separate those two because they are not one and the same.  Many Republicans look and sound just like Democrats to me.  But I lean conservative on every issue, and I would prefer a truly conservative candidate.

All that said, I have been where Dave finds himself.  At one point in my life I believed that abortion was murder, plain and simple.  I saw it as a national tragedy and a reflection on who we are as a people, that we allow the unborn to be “killed”.  I still feel that way under some circumstances.  Specifically when promiscuous people use abortion as birth control in an effort to avoid the consequences of their actions.

But having been through the process now I can assure Dave, and others who feel that way, that those people are not in fact avoiding the consequences of their actions.  They are just committing different acts for which there are also consequences.  And there are legitimate circumstances, during specific periods of gestation, when abortion is warranted.  I believe that if it is performed early in a pregnancy, before what can be actually identified as a fetus is formed, there is no moral issue (IMHO).

In any event, we could debate that issue for…50 years?  And I imagine in some way, shape, or form I will be doing just that.  But my purpose in writing today is not to debate abortion.  It’s to discuss the future of America.

The simple fact is, Ben Carson is not going to win.  Rubio is not likely to win (barring a miracle, and those don’t happen often these days).  It is unlikely, though possible, that Cruz is going to win.  So what we are left with, in the most probably of scenarios, is a race for the Presidency between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

My question at that point is simple.  Neither of them has a pro-life record, though Trump proclaims himself pro-life now (likely because it is politically expedient).  So what are you going to do Dave, sit home on election day?  Are you truly willing to sit through 8 years of Hillary Clinton as President of the United States, and allow your young children to grow up, go to school, and enter an economy of her making, because your “single issue” is not being satisfactorily addressed?

I know you said that there are many other issues of importance to you and that the abortion issue is simply a disqualifier.  But the fact is, by fairly large margins, the rest of America doesn’t see it that way.  So you’re going to have a choice between two people, both of whom would be disqualified under your criteria.  So I’m curious how you intend to handle that.

For all of those in the “Never Trump” movement, including establishment Republicans like Mitch McConnell, let me say this.  You are all morons.  Period.

Donald Trump is not “hijacking” the Republican party.  He is being voted into the position of nominee of the Republican Party, by the constituents of the Republican Party.  Like him or not, thus far he is the choice of THE PEOPLE.  You ignore those people at your peril.

It is people like McConnell and Ryan that have gotten us to where we are today.  The career politicians putting their power and prestige ahead of the needs of the country is what has the people up in arms.  It is the fact that these days it is very difficult to tell the difference between a Democrat and a Republican.  It is the fact that the American people gave Republicans majorities in both houses in successive elections, and you have failed to do anything substantive with that.

So, we want someone from outside the establishment.  We want someone who has actually done something in their lives.  We want someone who sees what needs doing, and gets it done.  That, Mr. McConnell, is NOT you.

It is my sincere hope that if establishment Republicans run against the Republican nominee and refuse to support him, that the people take that as the slap in the face that it actually is, and vote you out of office.

Dave, I’ll grant you that the person I believe both of us would prefer to have governing this land is not going to be the nominee.  I would prefer a calm, serious, thoughtful man like Dr. Carson if I had my way.  But there comes a time when you have to concede that you are not going to get your way.  This is that time.

So we are left with essentially two choices.  A woman facing possible indictment under the espionage act.  A woman who has enabled a serial sex offender to continue to ply his craft through both action and inaction.  A woman who has assisted other members of her husband’s staff in destroying the names and reputations of the women brave enough to come forward and accuse her husband.  A woman who will say anything, and do anything, for power.  A woman who will tear down everything every productive member of this society has built in order to use the spoils to buy votes from the have-nots that comprise her base.

Or Donald Trump.

I strongly urge you and yours to hold your nose and vote.  The price we will pay as a nation if she wins, is too high.