Inclusion and Diversity

A good friend of mine posted an article to LinkedIn about Twitter hiring a new VP of diversity and inclusion. In her comments she stated, “Diversity & Inclusion is necessary for long term success.”

I do in fact believe in inclusion, though my definition may not be up to snuff with whatever the social justice code word of the month is. But in the classic sense, I believe that people with relevant experience and opinions should be included in conversations. I believe that people with skills and expertise should have access to compete for open positions. I believe that access to things which are generally accessible, should include all the people who are interested in accessing them.

But I struggle with the notion that diversity is necessary for long term success.

The very history of this nation, and the fact that we are the most “successful” nation on this planet, kind of defeats that argument. We grew, and prospered, and defeated our enemies, and saved the world, and invented the most important stuff ever invented…all while being a nation primarily run by old, white, men. Which is not to say that we should be a nation run by old, white, men… but simply that it is entirely possible to have success without diversity. In fact, there are a number of fairly successful nations on this planet where diversity is pretty much against the law… Saudi Arabia for example.

If I run an accounting firm, and my employees spend all day adding and subtracting numbers…does the color of their skin matter? Is 2+2 more emphatically 4 if a black person says it? Is the math going to change because a Muslim quotes it? Are you going to pay less in taxes if your returns are prepared by a woman?

Diversity makes us feel good. It may even make us look good. It adds to our personal lives when we are able to discuss different cultures, beliefs, customs, etc. But it is, imho, wholly unnecessary for “success”.

My daughter is getting a college degree right now. She is doing the entirety of her program on-line. Thus her diversity is as low as it can possibly be, as she takes all of her classes alone. And yet, she is successfully completing her degree. She will also successfully obtain employment and begin a career. She will do this in the absence of diversity, and I don’t think it makes a bit of difference.

At the end of the day, it will be non-white, non-male, people who will disagree with me on this topic. I get that. But let me ask the next logical question…

Would the NAACP be more successful if they included white people in the interests of diversity?

Would NOW be more successful if they included men in the interests of diversity and inclusion?

Would whatever organization you support that discriminates against white, straight, male, Christian, Republicans be more successful if they included white, straight, male, Christian, Republicans in the interests of diversity?? Yeah…I didn’t think so.

In my personal experience when people say “diversity”, they mean that *I* should let *them* in. They NEVER mean that *they* should let *me* in.


Profiles In Courage

Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m stupid.  Well…let’s not get carried away.  I most certainly am not stupid.  But I am clearly missing something.

Can someone explain to me how blocking traffic, inconveniencing people at airports, and lighting things on fire is supposed to make things better? Can someone explain how a thinking person can rationalize purporting to be defending American values, by rioting?  Could someone with a camera and microphone go interview one of these morons in the street and attempt to ascertain if they even know what “American values” are?

If I am hearing the message clearly, sitting around waiting to get shot, stabbed, or bombed is an American value. Importing people, without regard to the impact on our economy or national security is an American value.  Failing to uphold the law is an American value.  Elected officials instigating, supporting, and participating in civil unrest which negatively impacts their constituents, is an American value.  And lastly, members of an Administration directing other members of an administration not to enforce an Executive Order, is an American value.

Schmuck Schumer called the acting AG “a profile in courage”. This is to some degree funny, because Chuck Schumer has never witnessed, experienced, or embodied courage, so I am not sure how he would identify it.  Nevertheless, she found out what all the rest of us know.  When you refuse to do your job, you lose it.  If you doubt me, report to your job this morning and inform your boss that you intend not to follow or enforce several policies because you personally disagree with them.  I’ll wait….

The simple fact is that the Hollywood elites, the career politicians, and the snowflakes in the street, have no idea what “American Values” are. I don’t think they ever have.

It is funny to watch the limousine liberals with their private jets and their security details try to share a cause with the unwashed masses. People who sit on street corners smoking dope, don’t shower for days on end, and believe they have a right to disrupt the lives of the productive members of society who provide their sustenance.

I watched a video last night of people in vehicles moving through the crowds trying to block traffic. Some of them inched through, but a few just floored it and literally ran these protestors down.  I applaud these actions.  If you are going to illegally gather in the street and attempt to disrupt the flow of traffic, you absolutely deserve to be hit by a car.

Your dissatisfaction with the Trump administration does not grant you the right to prevent me from getting home, or to work. It does not entitle you to impede commerce.  It does not entitle you to stop traffic.

I have spent many hours writing about the dangers of, and arguing against, heavy handed, overreaching government. I do not advocate for government control of society.  I do not believe that, in general, the answer to every problem is a government agency or program.  But I have to say, if the police and federal officers cannot perform the most basic of functions (keeping the street clear), then what exactly do we need them for?

Personally, I am sick and tired of the professional protestors. I am tired of lectures from vapid millionaires in Hollywood.  I am tired of foreigner’s wants and needs being placed above our rights and security.  I am tired of people preaching about American Values, when they in fact exist to subvert and undermine everything America actually stands for.

It is generally accepted practice to question someone’s positions without questioning the patriotism. I am breaking with that practice.  I believe that the Democrat party as a whole, and the elected representatives in particular, do not care at all about America or American values.  They do not exist to protect, or serve, or further the interests of America.  They exist to oppose Republicans.  Period.  It is party before country, every step of the way.  I for one am sick of it.

Assclowns in the State Department are saying that the travel *moratorium* will not make our country safer. No…of course not.  Because continuing to allow unvetted refugees from war torn countries in the Middle East to enter our nation is clearly safer than not allowing them.  People actually say these things?  And other people believe them?  This is like saying a wall or fence around a prison doesn’t make the community safer.  Really?  Then why do we bother building them?

President Barrack Abu Nidal Hussein Shariek bin Obama claimed no foreign terror organization had struck America on his watch. No…we just had shit blown up in Boston, people killed in Orlando, stabbings on college campuses, shootings at military bases…the list goes on.  And many of these attacks were carried out in the name of Allah, by people who came to this country as immigrants and refugees.

So I would like to propose this course of action. Every movie star like Assclown Kutcher who wants to have these people in “his America”, should be required to personally house as many immigrants as their oversized mansions will accommodate.  Every moron in the street should have a Syrian refugee placed in their home.  Every Democrat who wants these people allowed into our country without proper vetting, should be forced to house them.

But that won’t happen will it? Because Democrats always want to spend other people’s money.  They want projects, but they want them in your jurisdiction, not theirs.  Because Ashton knows that the next place to get shot up will be some nightclub, or bowling alley, or Army base…and he won’t be there.  It’s easy to push to have these people brought into the nation when you know not one of them will be living in your gated, patrolled, protected community.

Please, stop the preaching. You have no idea what American Values are.  You have never met a real American, haven’t had a conversation with anyone who disagrees with you in years, and haven’t had to actually earn a dollar in your adult life.  You have no frame of reference for, or understanding of, American values.

In fact…if you think Syrian refugees are so awesome, maybe you should be in Syria attempting to relieve their suffering. You could tell them jokes.  Or maybe you could tell them about some rich, white, privileged woman who refused to do her job and got fired for it…and what a “profile in courage” she is.

Snakes Eating Their Tails

This is an interesting time to be alive.  It can be a frustrating time as well, but it’s interesting to be sure.

This morning I pulled up Yahoo! to look at my email and saw a story about a new Disney movie featuring a male Polynesian that is depicted as a “plus-sized” individual.  Needless to say, the internet is in an uproar.  But, what is funny to me about this situation is that the maniac liberals are busily eating their own.

We have received conflicting messages for years now.  We’ve been told that obesity and its’ attendant complications (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.) are an epidemic.  We’ve also been told that “fat shaming” is abhorrent, and that “plus-sized” people should be celebrated, accepted, and welcomed.  So now a “plus-sized” Disney character comes along and Polynesians are upset at the depiction of their culture…while other people are upset that they find fat people upsetting.

We have gone so far down the road of political correctness that even the proponents of political correctness are no longer able to identify the rules.  Such was the case when gay people were killed by a Muslim in Orlando.

All I can do at this point is sit back and laugh.  Or cry…

We are blasting down the road to ruin at warp speed.  The ease of interaction that the internet affords is hastening our demise.  Mr. Orwell looks more and more like a prophet with each passing day, as our world transforms into a caricature of 1984.

The only consolation I have as I watch this process is that those who initiated it will be its’ first victims.  But the rest of us will follow…

An Answer for EmmaLeigh

Some time ago my daughter asked me what the difference was between liberals and conservatives.  At the time I didn’t really feel like I had an answer I could verbalize, though I certainly felt like I knew the difference.  In the wake of the death of Justice Scalia I have been thinking a lot about the direction of this nation, and it’s possible direction if the current President manages to get a liberal loon on the court.  So EmmaLeigh, here is your answer.

Let me start by saying that sarcasm is my manner of speech.  This post will be no different.  If that offends anyone who reads it, let me say up front…I don’t care.  I’m 45 not 25.  I don’t give a shit about your feelings.

Let me add that everything I will write here is from direct observation, direct contact, and personal conversations.  I am not quoting Rush Limbaugh, or Fox News, or any of the other things people might say.  Liberals actually are crazy, so many of the points of view expressed will not make sense to a normal person.  But, people with working brains are becoming a smaller and smaller segment of our population anyway…so what the hell.

So Em, let me first start by helping you to identify a liberal.  Meet Obama Girl.  She believed that the election of Obama meant she wouldn’t have to worry about putting gas in her car or paying her mortgage.  This is the first sign that you are speaking to a liberal.  They believe that the United States Government exists to give them money.

The term “liberal” is generally regarded as meaning “Democrat”.  But the actual truth is that while “liberal” does cover all Democrats it also covers somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 of the Republican Party as well.  At least in terms of social programs, which is pretty much the defining issue that separates the two.

You see, conservatives believe in equal opportunity.  Level the playing field and let the chips fall where they may.  We believe in a safety net for those who have fallen into desperate circumstances.  We believe in a hand up.  We believe it is best to teach a man to fish rather than give him one.

Liberals on the other hand, believe in equality of outcome.  They believe that if I have $10 and you have $0, then I owe you $5.  They believe that the playing field is not, never has been, and never will be, level.  They believe the “safety net” should be about 3 inches below your feet.  They believe in hand outs, welfare, and the “give a man a fish” method, which leads to generational dependence.  Why?  Because when you provide everything a group of people needs, those people will continue to vote for you.  This is the actual reason for the Democrats insisting on amnesty for illegals, because it opens “a path to citizenship”, which allows for voting…which adds more Democrats to the voter registration rolls.

Liberals will frequently refer to conservatives as racists.  Interestingly, I am 45 years old…and I have been white most (if not all) of my life.  I’m what you might call a redneck, biker type of guy.  I shoot guns, drink beer, ride Harleys, and occasionally raise hell.  Yet the most racist people I know…are all black.  Every single one of them in fact.  And statistically speaking, if you are talking to a black person you are talking to a Democrat.

Liberals believe that conservatives are waging a “war on women”.  Primarily due to the generally accepted conservative position on abortion.  Interestingly, these people do not care about the “war on children” which has resulted in 50,000,000+ children being aborted since Roe v Wade.  And the deluded black person that votes Democrat, doesn’t seem to get that the highest percentage of those abortions is taking place in their community.  Which is in keeping with the mission statement of Planned Parenthood, as it was founded by Margaret Sanger for the purpose of controlling the black population.  But hey…I’m the racist… lol

Liberals believe that if you would like the border of your nation to be secure; if you would like only people who are eligible to vote, to vote; and if you don’t believe America should be invaded by third world countries and eventually turned into one; then you are a racist and a xenophobe that hates people from other countries.

Liberals believe that personal failure is someone else’s fault, and that the government should step in to save you.  Generally speaking this is done with money confiscated at gun point from productive people.  Liberals do not believe in personal responsibility, parental guidance, discipline, or basically any other commonly accepted manner of achieving success.  In fact, liberals hate success.

The light of one person’s success shines on another person’s failure.  This is unfair.  However, rather than seek to make the unsuccessful person successful, liberals seek to punish the success of the person who succeeded, confiscate his wealth, and give it to the person who failed.  Of course that person failed because they are not equipped to succeed, and so they fail again.  Which perpetuates the cycle.  Which is exactly what the liberals want to have happen.

Find someone you know who is “on the system”.  Welfare, food stamps, Section 8, etc.  Ask that person what programs are in place to get them off the system.  You may be surprised to learn that the answer is…none.  If they make a dollar, attend a class, take on a room mate, or do anything else in an effort to rise up from their position, their benefits will be cut.  Because the purpose and design is not to elevate people, it is to perpetuate the misery.  Because after all…if no one was on welfare, where would welfare workers work?

Essentially it boils down to this.  If you hear someone saying something completely stupid, the more stupid the statement the more likely a liberal is speaking.  If you hear someone railing against the rich, from the tarmac while standing beside their private jet…that’s a liberal.  If you hear a Congressman ask whether stationing more troops on Guam is a good idea as the island might tip over…that’s a liberal.  If you hear someone rant against any activity while simultaneously engaging in said activity…that’s a liberal.

Bottom line answer…

Conservatives believe in a Representative Republic; self determination; the rule of law; the sovereignty of the citizen; limited government.  Liberals believe in European Socialism.  Whether it’s Eastern European or Western European depends on the liberal.

So basically, conservatives want to conserve the things that made America the greatest nation in the history of the world.  Liberals want to right all the wrongs, and create equality by implementing Socialism.  Which, of course, has never worked in the history of the world.  But, they have destroyed the education system (intentionally) and thus the public has no knowledge of any of this.

If for some reason you believe I am exaggerating, ask yourself this question:  College isn’t free.  Someone has to pay the teachers, keep the lights on, cut the grass, etc.  So where is the money coming from to pay for the “free college” that Bernie Sanders is promoting as we speak?  (Hint: your pocket)  They call it a “tax on Wall Street”.  And when they say “Wall Street” you think of various movies you’ve seen with fat cats in limos and stuff.  But let me turn “Wall Street” into what it actually is.  Your 401k plan.  Your IRA.  Your pension.  Your investments.  Your 403B.  In other words…ALL the money the middle class has saved or invested…that’s “Wall Street”.

You’ll have to decide how you feel about that.







Broke Ass Bitches

Yesterday I engaged a few individuals on the subject of minimum wage.  The conversation took a number of turns, veering off into the cost of education, business owners who don’t share enough of the profits, and the ever popular “people can’t make ends meet”.  I opined that perhaps if men quit fathering multiple children by multiple women, and if women quit getting knocked up by every loser they pass in the mall, perhaps making ends meet would be a bit easier.  One of the people engaged in the discussion then expressed disbelief that I would “blame women”.  Inadvertently highlighting the actual problem.  Which I shall now detail.

The problem is in fact the victim mentality of modern American culture.

The individual in question only heard what she wanted to hear and completely overlooked the second half of the statement.  Why?  Because it is easier to say, “How dare you blame women?  That’s sexist! Blah…blah…blah” then it is to accept that her life is what she made it.  Ironically, the person in question lived with me in the late 80’s, and got knocked up as a teenager by some punk sneaking in through the basement window of my parent’s house.  So more or less a living example of exactly what I was talking about.  But that somehow escapes her.

Am I perfect?  Hell no!  I’ve made more than my fair share of mistakes.  Some of them have set me back years and cost me a ton of lost time and income, like the decision to drop out of high school and not to go to college.  But the difference between myself and the broke ass bitches around me is that I have always blamed myself for my situation.  I always saw myself as the problem, and myself as the solution.  I looked at where I was and correctly assessed that I was exactly where I had put myself, and the only one that could get me out was me.  And so I did.

Sitting around in a no skill, no education, job whining about how your boss needs to pay you more money is guaranteed to accomplish one thing.  Nothing.  Try out this radical idea.  Go learn a skill and get a different job.  Or…get a second job.  Or move to someplace cheaper.  Or any one of a number of other possible solutions.  Staying in the same spot year after year, pissing and moaning about the pay, doesn’t make much sense.

The simple fact is that as a business man my job is to make money for myself and my family.  If the company is publicly held then it is also to make money for my shareholders.  Employees are an asset.  I need them to make work happen.  I will pay them precisely whatever they will accept and not a dime more.  My job is not to make them wealthy or care for their families.  It is THEIR job to care for their families.  My job is to make a dollar and keep every single penny of it that I can so that I can take care of MY family.  So if you will work for a dime, I will pay you a dime.  If you will work there for 5 years making a dime and never ask for a raise, then I will never give you one.  And if you work as a fucking receptionist and you do ask for a raise…I’ll hire someone else that will do your job for a dime, and let you go.

This entitled mentality is what holds people back.  You’re like able bodied people standing around outside the Superdome 2 days prior to Katrina, waiting for someone to come help you.  How about this…START WALKING!  Maybe someone will pick you up along the way.

So, your victim self looks around and sees two types of people.  The victims and those who were “lucky”.  I am typically classified as one of the lucky ones.  But the truth is actually simpler, and more painful.  I’m not luckier than you, I’m just smarter; and I don’t give up as easily.

I have an ex that went and got herself a Master’s Degree in Biology (if I recall correctly).  She then became a high school teacher in NC.  Guess what?  Teachers don’t get paid well.  This is not a secret.  Everyone knows it.  But she would call me up from time to time, drunk and angry, and yell at me because I make 4 times as much money as she does.  Wanna know why?  Because I work in IT.  Which does pay well.  This is also not a secret.  Everyone knows it.

So one day I was sitting in my delivery truck, making my $400 a week, living in a rent controlled, low income, studio apartment, and paying child support for two kids to another ex.  The thought crossed my mind that perhaps there was a better way.  Perhaps there was something I could do which would allow me to live the life I wanted to live.

I did not think to myself, “Hey!  I know what I can do!  I’ll pick one of the lowest paying occupations in our society, and shoot for that!”  I did not aspire to be a janitor, a receptionist, a teacher, a cook, or a garbage man.  I did not go to a job interview and say, “I don’t know shit and have no training or education, but I’d like to make $40 an hour please”.

What I did was drive my truck 5 days a week and go to school 2 nights a week, for 7 straight months, at a cost of $6,000, and come out with a CCNA.  Then I took a job running cable on a construction crew.  Over time I learned more, got to know people, leveraged those relationships, got a clearance, continued to do shitty jobs, and clawed my way to where I am.  Which is still only somewhere in the middle.  I am neither the highest nor the lowest paid member of the team I am on right now.

But the bottom line is this.  I had child support because I got a woman pregnant.  I worked in a shitty job because I wasn’t qualified for a better one.  I had no training or education because I chose not to invest my time in training and education.  When I finally did, it paid off.  And when I looked around at the way things were and the way I wanted things to be, I chose a path that would get me to where I wanted to go.

If you want to find the person responsible for your current financial situation, rush to your nearest mirror.

The choices you have made, including the choices you make in who you elect, have led you to where you are.

Your heartfelt concern for the plight of “poor” people from other countries and your desire to see them live “The American Dream” is part of what is turning your dream into a nightmare.  Because guess what?  Those other no skill, no education workers… You know, the ones that aren’t here legally, who will work under the table and off the books for a fraction of what you make.  The ones that will cram 17 people in to a two-bedroom apartment, and go to work 365 days a year, sick or not.  Who will do any job they can find.  Those folks are depressing wages at the bottom end, because they are willing to work for less.

So what’s the solution?  Find what your good at, or what you want to do, and do it.  Hell, if all you’re qualified to do is answer a phone and you want to make more money doing that…try being a phone sex operator.  Instead of teaching in a public school, try being a private tutor.  If you want to make bead mats, try marketing them on the internet to Indians.  Free your mind…the rest will follow.  And if you want to do something that really pays well, guess what.  You’re going to have to learn some skills.

But if what you want to do is sit at the end of a dead end road that YOU DROVE DOWN and complain about the view…  You’ll have to pardon me for not being interested.

The Minimum Wage and Other Liberal Lunacy

Recently a person I have known since high school posted a liberal talking point type meme to her Facebook page.  As has become standard for me these days, I draw inspiration from what people post on Facebook and delve a bit deeper in to it here.  As we have become something of a bumper-sticker society, with people saying (or rather regurgitating) things they have given little or no practical thought to.  Facebook is for quick, attention gathering, snippets.  Blogs are for more lengthy, well reasoned, thoughts.

So let me start with some basics.

The intention, I think, of most liberals is an honest one.  They see people suffering and they want to help.  The problem is that their brains stop working as soon as their hearts take over, and they are unable to calculate actual answers to the problems they see.  They are in fact unable to apply the things they do in their own lives to the society as a whole.

My friend, for example, just posted pictures of her own child solving the problem of minimum wage not being a living wage.  They were pictures of her dropping her kid off at college.  You see, education is one of the solutions to low wages.  But when it comes to society as a whole, my friend would prefer to rally for raising the minimum wage, rather than accepting the fact that minimum wage is an entry level wage for uneducated kids, and not a living wage for adults.

So what actually happens when you raise the minimum wage?  That’s simple actually.  It produces upward pressure on the economy and drives prices up.  Let’s take a couple of simple examples to highlight what I am talking about.

The burger flipper gets their dream of a minimum wage set at $15/hr.  (This was pushed by unions btw).  So what happens next?  Well…the bricklayer’s apprentice who is making $14/hr says to his boss, “I’m not going to stand out here busting my ass all day when I can go down to McDonald’s and make a dollar an hour more to stand around in the AC asking people if they want fries with that!”  If the bricklayer wishes to keep his apprentice, he must offer him a higher wage.  This scenario plays out all over the trades.  Electricians, plumbers, masons, carpenters…all must raise their wages (which is what the unions want).  So now what?  A $150,000 house becomes a $225,000 house, and the McDonald’s worker still can’t afford it.

7-11 workers start making $15/hr, and cab drivers start thinking about how nice it would be to work in one location.  Cops start figuring, “Hell, I spend half my time standing around 7-11 anyway and I only make $18/hr.  Why not?”  So what happens next?  Cab companies and police departments must raise wages in order to keep good employees.  So your cab rides become more expensive and your taxes go up…and the McDonald’s worker still can’t afford shit.

In North Dakota in recent years there has been an oil boom.  It has recently tapered off due to a precipitous drop in oil prices.  Unfortunately, if you don’t understand wages there is little to no hope of me explaining commodities.  Nevertheless, in areas where good paying oil field jobs were available, Walmart was paying greeters $20/hr.  Yes, greeters.  The men and women whose sole job is to say “Welcome to Walmart”.  Why were they paying them $20/hr?  Because they had to pay that wage to keep people working at Walmart rather than the oil fields.

So the solution to increasing wages, as we can see from a real life example, is to generate wealth and thereby raise the wages of skilled labor.  This is what liberals derisively call “trickle down economics”.  They call it that in a snotty tone of voice, because in reality they have absolutely no idea how the economy works.  They believe the rich are hoarding money and intentionally keeping the poor down. But the actual fact is that there is not a single job anywhere in the United States that was created by a person on welfare.  It is the creation and pursuit of wealth that creates jobs.  An abundance of jobs creates upward pressure on wages.  A rising tide lifts all boats, as the saying goes.

The other factor that liberals seem completely oblivious to is the fact that if historically low-wage positions are forced by federal or state mandate to become middle-income jobs, employers will start hiring college graduates and experienced people.  Those “entry-level” people typically hired for those positions will find themselves unemployed rather than employed at a lower wage than they would like.  And so, as is often the case with liberal programs, the intended effect will never actually be realized, and the unintended consequences will be counter-productive.

Add in the liberal ideal that illegal aliens should be allowed to flow freely across our borders, be given amnesty and eventually citizenship, and allowed to flood our schools, hospitals, and social welfare programs.  These illegals you are rooting for are escaping countries that are circling the drain because of policies that are in many ways identical to the policies that democrats support.  By and large, these people vote democrat.  So guess what?  They are slowly transforming this nation in to the nations that they were trying to escape to begin with.

You see this same dynamic as people from the north flee high taxes and regulation by moving south.  Then they elect representatives that institute the same policies they were fleeing, and turn their new state or city in to the same environment they just left.  This makes sense to someone?

So now what?  A bunch of low-skill, low-wage workers flood the market.  Your special snowflake cannot find a job without a degree.  So college degrees become mandatory for anyone seeking something better than a minimum wage job.  The government guarantees loans, the entire populace is seeking a degree, and what happens…supply and demand baby.  College costs go up.  A LOT!  And then, everyone and their brother has a bachelor’s degree, so now your snowflake must seek a Master’s Degree or PhD. to stand out.

Now your kid graduates college with $100,000 in loans, awash in a sea of similarly inexperienced but recently graduated individuals, and struggles to find a job.  Why?  Because rather than push the economy forward with policies that expand wealth creation, and therefor expand the job market, we are pushing policies that make misery slightly more bearable.

We need to expand the manufacturing base, energy production, technology, etc.  Create more jobs at higher wages and you create a vacuum at the bottom end, thus raising wages organically rather than artificially.

At the core of all these issues where liberals and conservatives clash is a fairly simple concept that seems to escape liberals completely.  If we continue to tear down the top in an effort to raise the bottom, eventually we all reside in the middle.  In this regard, economics works much like physics.  We must exploit the difference in heat/energy in order to produce work.  This is exemplified in the concept of the heat death of the universe.  When everything is a uniform temperature you cannot exploit the difference (because there isn’t one) in heat between two objects to produce anything.  (Think of heating up a kettle to make tea.  You cannot do this if you cannot raise the temperature of the burner above the temperature of the water.)

So too the heat death of the economy.  If you try to reduce the gap between rich and poor by bringing down the rich instead of elevating the poor, you eventually wind up (in theory) at a place where there is no capital (outside of government) to exploit in creating new jobs, new technology, innovation, efficiencies, etc.

This is demonstrable in current circumstance.  Choose any communist/socialist nation on the face of the planet.  Then Google “medical advances in <insert communist nation here>”.  Or simply see if you can answer this question.  There are numerous space probes, satellites, and other high tech gadgets floating through space studying our universe.  How many of them were designed, built, launched and maintained by Paraguay?  How about Peru, Nicaragua, Argentina…Canada?

How has the socialism that democrats like Bernie Sanders promotes worked out over the years?  Anyone remember the USSR?  What’s the most prosperous place in China, with the highest standard of living?  Hong Kong, right?  Why is that?

The bottom line is simple.  Liberals intentionally suspend their perception of reality and understanding of history.  Socialism has never worked anywhere.  Government price and wage controls result in stagnation, a lack of innovation, massive inefficiency, waste, fraud and abuse.  This is a simple fact and clearly demonstrable by taking even a cursory glance at our own government as it exists.

There is not a single thing our government does which could not be done more quickly, more efficiently, cheaper, and at higher quality if it were done by private industry.  We have anti-trust laws to prevent monopolies because they stifle competition.  We recognize that competition drives wages, innovation, etc.  Yet the biggest monopoly in our country is the federal government, and our fellow citizens turn to this monopoly to solve their problems.  This makes no sense.

If you want your snowflake to have a better life at higher wages, let me offer you two tips.

  1. Teach them to be something other than a burger flipper
  2. Stop supporting the influx of millions of unskilled illegals that directly compete with your snowflake and keep wages suppressed.

And stop posting memes about shit you don’t understand…

The Poor You Shall Always Have Among You

Mark 14:

3While he was in Bethany, reclining at the table in the home of Simon the Leper, a woman came with an alabaster jar of very expensive perfume, made of pure nard. She broke the jar and poured the perfume on his head.

4Some of those present were saying indignantly to one another, “Why this waste of perfume?

5It could have been sold for more than a year’s wages and the money given to the poor.” And they rebuked her harshly.

6“Leave her alone,” said Jesus. “Why are you bothering her? She has done a beautiful thing to me.

7The poor you will always have with you, and you can help them any time you want. But you will not always have me.

Recently I have engaged in a spirited debate about the state of the poor in the United States.  What I find intriguing is the number of people who concern themselves with this subject who themselves do not live in the United States.  Of greater interest is the number of people living in places with higher poverty rates, less opportunity, etc., who choose to speak on this subject.  Lately I have found myself in discussion on the matter with residents of Costa Rica.  So, I did a little research on the matter and compared the two nations.  You can read that comparison here.

I want to be clear that I support safety nets.  I personally donate a lot of my time and money to worthy individuals on a regular basis.  The question that no doubt immediately sprang to mind was, “What constitutes a ‘worthy individual’?”  Very simply, that is a person who has come upon hard times, is trying to rectify the situation, is not perpetuating the problem intentionally, and for whom help will actually make a difference.

In other words, I don’t give money to bums and panhandlers.  I don’t donate to crack heads.  I don’t flush my money down the toilet trying to help those for which there is no real help.  Many of the bleeding hearts who decry my way of thinking do these things, and I am going to talk about that momentarily.  But before I do I want to post a graphic for you to consider.

Poverty By Race in the U.S.

One of the popular thoughts among leftists and liberals is that poverty in America is based on race.  Because it is en vogue to use the word “war” to describe things one does not like, mainly for the visceral reaction to the word, we are accused of waging war on the poor.  However, as this graphic shows, the poor are predominantly comprised of white people.  So one must postulate that our society which is predominantly Caucasian, is waging a war on white people.  When you actually say those words you realize how stupid they are.

So…are we actually helping the poor?  You decide:

Spending on Poverty

With all the money being spent, why are we not decreasing the number of people in poverty?  Well, you can read more on that subject here.  But I will explain it to you in simple words.

Many people who wish to help the poor, like my dear friends in Costa Rica, use their hearts rather than their heads to solve problems.  So they wake up each day and bolster their sense of self worth by doing some good deed of which they are immensely proud.  Then they go to bed each night facing the grim reality that they have tried to stop a river with a 5 gallon bucket, their efforts were fruitless, and they made no real difference whatsoever.  Someone like me comes along and questions the bucket method…and they snap.  They team up with other, like-minded individuals, and take out their frustration on the person questioning the method.  Failing once again to apply their minds and determine a well known and understood fact.  Wolves are not intimidated by sheep.

I know…I said “simple words”.  Here is how the situation actually plays out.  (Names have been changed to protect the easily offended)

Carlos wakes up one morning and turns on the news.  He sits eating his oatmeal in his modest middle class home and he hears his favorite liberal morning show host decrying Wisconsin’s food stamp reform bill.  He doesn’t live in Wisconsin, or even in the United States, but he nevertheless feels indignant.  How dare those Yankees demand that people suckling from the public teat actually spend other people’s money on nutritious foods!

Carlos then gets in his modest car and drives to his modest job where he earns a modest pay.  After parking he walks several blocks to the building he works in.  Along the way he passes a homeless man sleeping on a sidewalk.  He stops and pulls $10 (or the equivalent in his currency) out of his pocket and hands it to the man.  After which he proceeds to work.  His step is a little lighter, his smile a little brighter.  He feels a socially appropriate sense of sorrow for the man’s condition, but at least he can smugly declare in his mind that he has just done more than half the population of the United States has done to help the poor.  (He’s kind of obsessed with the United States for some reason).

The next day the same man is lying on the same sidewalk.  For reasons inexplicable, Carlos’ $10 has not provided the man with permanent shelter, food, job skills, or in any other way materially changed his life.  The man did in fact get a cheeseburger and a 6 pack of beer with the money, but somehow this has not altered the course of fate.  Carlos is upset.  He gets on Facebook and starts posting stories.  Not about how the poor in HIS country are treated, but about a distant land in which what he thinks, says or does makes no difference whatsoever.

Then Carlos runs in to me…

I challenge Carlos to do what I have done.  Have the courage of your convictions.  Commit to personal involvement and directly change the lives of individuals.  Do not simply drop a couple bucks in a kettle once a year as an anonymous donor and believe you have changed something.

On several occasions I have taken abused and battered women in to my home and let them stay there for as long as they needed to.  Both as a single young man and as a married older man.

I have found people in desperate need of help, and I have helped them.  Not by dropping $10 in the kettle or the offering plate.  But by identifying the need for appliances and paying for them.  By helping people stuck in financial troubles pay off their bills.  Offering food to the hungry, shelter to the homeless, and a shoulder to lean on to the downtrodden and broken.  Because when I speak, I mean what I say.  And I actually DO the things other people talk about.

The system, whether it be in the United States or Costa Rica, is not designed to lift people out of poverty.  Politicians measure power by the number of people whose lives they control.  Every person dependent on the government for basic life necessities is another person in a politician’s pocket.  So, they give you enough to survive, and not a dollar more.

They don’t want you to die, but they don’t want you to live either.  They want you to trudge down to the welfare office every month.  They want you to receive and spend food stamps.  They want you in subsidized housing, on medical assistance, and dependent on them to raise your kids.  That is universal.  In every nation where elections are held this scenario plays out.  In those nations where some warlord or dictator runs the show, the poor are of no interest or consequence.  They are simply things to be exploited, raped, murdered, or otherwise victimized at someone else’s whim.

But do the bleeding hearts raise hell about the plight of the poor in Kenya, Bosnia, or any of the other shitholes on this planet?  No.  They’re too busy pointing the finger at the only nation on Earth taking an active interest in changing the shitholes in to places suitable for human habitation.

You subscribe to a failed model.  You have been giving a man a fish for decades, perhaps even centuries.  That same man shows up every morning for a new fish.  I subscribe to the notion that if we teach that man to fish he will go on about his life.  He will become self sufficient.  He will begin to contribute to society rather than live off of it.  For that I am considered to be part of some evil cabal, waging war on those of lower social status, opposite gender, and different ethnicity.

But the facts do not bear you out.  The list of people whose lives in which I have directly and personally intervened is long.  My conscience is clear.  My works speak for themselves, and for me.

So I will politely ask Carlos to clean up the street he lives on before he worries about the street I live on.  And change his own nation before he finds extra time to be worried about mine.